United Travel Getaway - Lance Hipkins goes Sea Kayaking, Tuesday April 24

Tuesday 24 April at 7.30pm

New local presenter LANCE HIPKINS gets a wet welcome to UNITED TRAVEL GETAWAY this week when he tries his hand at sea kayaking.

Lance joins RENEE WRIGHT and CLARKE GAYFORD on the New Zealand team for Getaway, but only gets as far as the Coromandel for his first story.

“I didn’t get to travel far from home for my first story, but it was a lot of fun anyway. The weather was typically New Zealand and changed dramatically overnight which presented a few challenges, but we had a great time.”

Lance is now looking forward to shooting his next two stories in the rather more exotic location of Mexico, a country he has visited before and really loves.

As a very keen traveller, Lance was thrilled to get his job on United Travel Getaway.
“It’s one of those dream jobs, isn’t it? Not one I thought too long about accepting.”

Lance has already worked as a presenter on the music channel Juice and on the TVNZ series ‘The Fence’. He also works behind-the-scenes in television as a production manager and first assistant director on dramas and commercials.

Also on this week’s United Travel Getaway: the Otago Rail Trail by bike, Santillana Del Mar in Spain; and the running of the sheep at the Boorawa Sheep Festival, Cockle Creek in Tasmania, and Queensland’s Moreton Island, all in Australia.

Tuesday 24 April at 7.30pm on PRIME.

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  • Colleen

    I experienced the Otago Rail Trail at Easter and missed the program on Prime about the trail this evening. I would like to obtain a copy of that episode ..can anyone help! Cheers.