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It exploded into our screens on May 25th 92 and was the launching pad for many Kiwi actors’ careers. As the soap approaches its 15th anniversary we (Woman’s day) finds out hat happened to some of our enduring faves.

Lisa Crittenden
Character Carrie Burton Kennedy – 1992 – 1996

She’s hardly done any acting since Shortland Street and moved to Australia with her Husband James and children. Lisa and her family live on the outskirts of Melbourne where she works as a Personal assistant to the chief executive of Australia post.

Stelios Yiakmis,
Character Johnny Marinvoch, 1994 – 1999

The dishy doctor lost his role in 1999 and later his marriage to TV weather girl Penelope Barr collapsed.
Sine 2001, he has lived in Sydney and has starred in McLeod’s Daughter and All Saints.
Later this month sees the US release of Stelios first feature film. Jindabyne.
I like Sydney and I’ve made life here,” he says. “there’s no other acting going on right now but the opportunity’s here.”

Emmeline Hawthorne
Character Anne Greenlaw Kahu 2001 -2004

The youngest of the Hawthorne acting dynasty, Emmeline moved to London last year with her Chilean boyfriend.
The relationship followed her break up with fiancé Bailey MacKay.
Emmeline is now talking to agents, but in the meantime works as nanny to a leading theatre producer.
“She loves children being with children and the job means she gets free tickets to the National Theatre says a friend.

Karl Burnett:
Character: Nick Harrison

A 10 year Veteran Karl was last of the original cast to leave.
He designed an exercise machine and tried his hand at stand up comedy.
For the past 18 months, however, he’s been back at Shortland Street working as a boom operator.
Karl’s big project is a movie – Captain Amazingly Incredible and the space Vampires from Evil Planet.

Angela Dotchin:
Character: Kristy Knight 1992- 1998

After six years of playing receptions Kristy Knight. Angela found more success in shows such as Xena: A warrior Princesses, The Legendary Journey and lawless – which won her best actress award in 99.
After splitting with long term love Temurea Morrison, she left to build a new life in Britain, five years ago, currently single she quit acting but still enjoys a glamorous life traveling Europe as a personal assistant in the fashion industry, until recently with top Jewellers Bulgari.
“She seems very settles and happy there,” says her NZ agents Robert Bruce.

Paul Reid
Character Marshall Heywood – 2000 – 2004

Paul Reid has fair share of cliff-hangers storylines during his four years as Streets resident teen rebel Marshall Heywood.
But those dramatic hight were tame compared to the real life ride he went on since leaving the show in 04
First off he high lighted it to LA to get Marshall of his system and scope out the sense for his pi up band Rubicon to follow.
Soon after he received an email from the band members telling him they were quitting to pursue their own musical directions.
Meanwhile Paul stayed on, got roughed up the LAPD and thrown in a Beverly Hills jails for failing a drink driving test. He later recorded a new album with a new line up and eventually married his long time girl friend, former Shortland Street actor Rhiannon Cole in a helicopter wedding over last Vegas.
They intended to stay in California until Rhiannon fell pregnant, which led to return home last year. There bay Sophia was born in November,
“Fatherhood does change everything – you suddenly feel whole or something.” Paul writes on his new community website www.thething.co.nz.
“its hard to articulate in words that first feeling when you hold your newborn and you smell that baby smell – its bloody magic!

Paul Ellis
Character Fergus Kearney 1997-2000

Don’t read anything into London based Actor Paul Ellis returning to New Zealand at the same time as the soaps 15 years anniversary celebrations.
After six years away in London, he says he left Fergus behind a well.
I’d never want people to forgot that time of my life,” said the actor, whose character left Waverley standing at the alter. But I let because I stopped learning about acting
While yet to score a major breakthrough since leaving Shortland Street in 200, Paul has appeared in the 2003 season of Celebrity treasure island, played a sports agents in British Sky One series ream team and starred as Kiwi backpacker in TV2 soap Mile Hight.
Paul Stuck to the stop gap jobs to free up his time for auditions, but admits he was handicapped by his accent.
“if you’re a young New Zealand actor, I wouldn’t recommend England, says Pal
“The don’t like foreign accents.“’ He is currently a predators for new broadband travel portal www.oe.tv a south African adventure sports.

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