Animal Planet - Growing up Hyena

Channel Premiere: Growing up Hyena

Animal Planet – Thursday 31 May, 9.30pm

In tales of courage and strength in the animal kingdom it is the lion that’s crowned king of the beasts; its rival the hyena, is left with a more tarnished image. Always the scavenger, always the villain, the hyena has traditionally been feared and loathed as the embodiment of evil. There are a few people who have set out to change those misconceptions. One of them is Kevin Richardson from the Lion Park near Johannesburg, South Africa. He has a truly unique bond with the hyenas he cares for, so much so, that he is almost an honorary member of the hyena clan.

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  • Carol

    Kevin is painfully good looking – wow.
    Great show and wonderful thing he is doing.

  • Jenn

    Kevin is HOT! I would gladly move to South Africa to play in the dirt with the cute hyenas and him!