Bite Club: Buggin' with Ruud in the Island of Giant Bugs, Saturday June 2

BITE CLUB: BUGGIN’ WITH RUUD – Island of Giant Bugs
SATURDAY 2 June at 7.30pm

Perhaps more than any human on earth, Ruud Kleinpaste knows what it’s like to be a bug. Studying the world of insects has become his life’s work and passion. He has written books and countless columns, appeared on radio and television shows, researched tirelessly and put his own body to the test to report on the important role bugs play in the world. BUGGIN’ WITH RUUD, is a dream come true for Kleinpaste, as he ventures to entertain and educate millions of viewers about bugs large and small.

This week Ruud explores Papua New Guinea in search of giants. He introduces viewers to some of the biggest spiders, stick insects and beetles on the planet as well as a wide range of butterflies dressed to impress the opposite sex, including the world’s biggest butterfly — the Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterfly.

BITE CLUB: Buggin’ With Ruud, Saturday 2 June at 7:30pm on PRIME

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