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Toni Warner faces an uphill battle this month as she tries to separate the squabbling Warner brothers, Chris and Guy. Guy’s determination to get his chat show pilot off the ground is creating tension, and his partying is making things even worse. Being married to Chris would normally see him win favoritism every time but the connection between Toni and Guy is undeniable. With their marriage on shaky ground, the return of one of Chris Warner’s old flames definitely won’t help the situation either. Not to mention the fact that Chris still hasn’t had the heart to tell Toni about Justine. Chris and Toni could well be in for their most testing month yet.

Craig Valentine is forced to face the reality that life after a heart attack will never be the same. Vulnerable and mildly incapacitated, the usually larger than life doctor is struggling with his health issues. Determined to not be a charity case, Craig’s relationship with girlfriend Alice Piper lies in the balance as he tries to adapt to his new situation. Is Alice really up for the nursemaid role? Or will staying home to look after Craig wear her down? Trying to act like a doctor but feeling like a patient, Craig’s condition could be his undoing.

The love triangle between mystery man Kieran Mitchell and his two gorgeous flat mates heats up this month with the arrival of a face from Kieran’s past. Suchin seems to know more about Kieran than he does about himself and could hold all the answers to the questions surrounding his history. But the truth could come with some serious consequences that neither Kieran, not to mention Claire and Libby, is prepared for.

The ongoing feud between Brenda Holloway and the doctors of Shortland Street gathers further momentum this month, much to the disapproval of an extremely frustrated Dr Justine Jones. CEO Chris Warner has the unenviable task of playing mediator, not something he needs given the state of his personal life.

Watch out for a few new faces at Shortland Street hospital this month. Joey Henderson is a proficient and eager – some would say over-eager – newbie nurse. Enthusiastic and co-operative, Joey is hungry for approval. He is less confident socially, but sure to be a hit with the ladies of Shortland Street.
And make sure you keep an eye on gorgeous Shanti Kumari. Shanti is the bubbly new nurse who has recently begun working at the clinic. Having only just arrived from India, her strict Hindu upbringing has meant that going out to bars, dancing with men and drinking alcohol are all relatively new experiences she is only just beginning to explore. Luckily the girls of Shortland Street are more than happy to coax her out of her shell and show her how to socialize.

Stay tuned to find out how the rest of the Shortland Street staff react to news of Maia’s pregnancy. How will Tania cope if she ever finds out her sister’s devastating secret?
It’s another action packed month on Shortland Street this June.

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