Donald Trump Quits Before Being Fired


Is Trump about to be fired?
Tuesday, 15th May 2007

American television network NBC is close to telling Donald Trump “You’re fired,” but is holding back just in case it could use him at the last minute.

The network’s programming line-up for next year makes no mention of Trump or the show he hosts “The Apprentice”.

Such an omission would normally spell doom but executives are refusing to rule out an 11th-hour reprieve for The Apprentice.

The series has lost nearly two-thirds of its audience since its first run in 2004.

Trump walks away from The Apprentice
Sunday, 20th May 2007

The man behind The Apprentice has quit from his role in the low-rating show before broadcaster NBC got the chance to use his own famous words.

The real estate mogul has released a statement saying the American network cannot fire him – because he is already walking out.

Trump says he is moving onto a new TV venture, but declined to elaborate.

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About the author

  • Tui

    Hmm. I like this show, but its good in a way that its all over.

  • Finally Free

    I’ve haven’t been watching this season, but I used to quite enjoy it. George & Caroline are so much better than Donald Trump though, no wonder he fired and replaced them with Bill Rancic and Ivanka. Not much chance of upstaging going on with them.

  • Anomynous

    i totally loved the first show with Amorosa the African American girl 🙂

  • bobscoffee

    donald trump just trying to save face…not that anyone really believes what he says. the way he talks to other company executives like he is above them all and he rules all before him really irks me