Family Guy Season 5 Episode 1: Star Wars Retelling

Variety magazine reports that the fifth season of Family Guy will debut with an entire episode which retells Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope using the Family Guy characters.

Character roles:

Peter Griffin: Han Solo, Lois: Princess Leia, Stewie: Darth Vader, Brian: Chewbacca, Chris: Luke, Cleveland: R2-D2, Quagmire: C-3PO, Herbert: Obi-Wan.

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  • MrCynical

    Herbet as Obi-Wan…oh the humanity

    probably the only show that would try and make paedophilia 🙂

  • Hamish

    When are we looking at new Family Guy episodes here?

  • MrCynical

    oh how I LOL’ed at this episode

    Lukes aunt on him wanting to join the rebels

    “over my burnt carcass!”

    And spot at least two Flying High references