Films on TV3 - Week 21, Saturday May 19 to Friday May 25

Your week 21 movie line-up!
Saturday, May 19th to Friday, May 25th

Saturday, May 19th at 8:30pm
3 Movie: Liar Liar

A hilarious Golden Globe-winning family-comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jennifer Tilly. The truth shall set you free… unless you’re Fletcher Reede (Carrey), a fast-talking attorney who discovers he can’t tell a lie for 24 hours after his five year-old son makes a birthday wish. Hilarity ensues as Reede must try to keep his practice and life in one piece when his inappropriately candid mouth would have him ruined.

Also starring Amanda Donohoe, Cary Elwes, and Jason Bernard. Directed by Tom Shadyac.

Saturday, May 19th at 10:20pm

Hollywood sex-symbol Jessica Alba stars as Honey, in the story of a tough, sexy dancer from the inner city, who becomes a successful music video choreographer. However her career is threatened when her mentor makes her either sleep with him, or get blacklisted within the industry. She ultimately decides to pursue her lifelong dream of opening her own dance studio for inner-city youths.

Also starring Mekhi Phifer, Joy Bryant and Lil’ Romeo. Directed by Bille Woodruff.

Sunday, May 20th at 11:25pm
Turbulence 2

An action-packed drama starring Tom Berenger and ‘Flash Dance’ star Jennifer Beals about a group of people who have completed a therapy program to overcome their severe fear of flying and celebrate with a flight to L.A. However, they soon discover that there are perfectly good reasons to be afraid of airliners – as terrorists hijack the jet and threaten to kill all the passengers with chemical weapons. Can the frightened passengers bring the plane safely to the ground?

Also starring: Craig Sheffer, Jeffrey Nordling and Jay Brazeau.

Friday, May 25th at 11:25pm
3 Film Festival: Topsy Turvy

Academy Award-winning Topsy-Turvy catches Gilbert and Sullivan, the famed playwright-composers, at a crossroads in their illustrious careers. Having scored numerous hits (The Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore), they’ve reached a creative dry spot with their latest project. All seems lost when, thanks to his wife’s insistence, Gilbert attends a Japanese exposition in London. Soon, ‘The Mikado’ is born. An antic comedy and riveting drama from Academy Award-nominated director, Mike Leigh, ‘Topsy-Turvy’ was hailed by many critics as the Best Film of 1999.

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