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All New Episodes: Family Restaurant
Food TV – Wednesdays from 13th June, 8.30pm

The Family Restaurant serves up the behind-the-scenes drama of fiery restaurateur Yianni Psalios, his colourful family, and their three bustling Greek eateries. This series finds the family scattered among different restaurants all over town, and scrambling to prepare for the “wedding of the century.” Yianni has opened a brand-new location—the biggest yet—and is in the midst of expanding the restaurant he opened last season. To top it all off, he must return to for a month to make arrangements for Dina and Chris’ massive, traditional village wedding. Theo has finally met the love of his life, but his work schedule is her worst nightmare. Dina has set aside her dreams of being a Hollywood makeup artist to support Chris (who has taken over the Taverna) and prepare for her very own Big Fat Greek Wedding. Will Yianni finally crack under the pressure? Will Kally manage to keep the wedding preparations from spinning out of control? Will Theo successfully juggle the restaurant and his love life?

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  • i love all these shows and m not gonna miss on this one.