Jason Gunn to host new quiz show

Jason Gunn is going straight from hosting Dancing with the Stars to hosting a brand new quiz show called “The Rich List”, to also screen on TV One.

Contestants have to bid upward against each other predicting how many examples on a subject they can list. Champions keep returning to the show as long as they keep winning.

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Is this the return of the quiz show era? Deal or No Deal begins screening soon on TV3.

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  • ChchTVaddict

    Yay I like Jase! and also looking forward to Deal or No Deal! LOL

  • Tui

    wow – just as one quiz show creeps out of the woodwork, another emerges! Not sure if i like this idea – winners return to the show to win more? :s

  • Rachel

    Sale of the Century was like that, same with lots of game shows.

  • Wingles

    They come back as the carry over champs. It is no different then a lot of quiz shows. As soon as another team beats them they are out of there.
    Deal or No Deal and The Rich List are both being produced by the same company.

  • Wiri Lloyd

    i do like quiz shows and personally think this one is good, BUT!!!

    Hey Team TV One NZ

    Surely we’re a mature enough nation to now co-exist in an era of mutual cultural respect and reciprocity – by demonstration???

    After all we’ve co-habited this country for nearly two centuries together now, and Jason Gunn is a Kiwi and has lived here all his life right and if not there is still no excuse.

    Given the considerable effort and dedication exerted to ensure NZ citizens CORRECTLY pronounce ENGLISH words one would think that the same level of attention and importance would be dedicated to the correct pronunciation of Maori names and words??

    After all, one would quite reasonably expect that as the indigenous peoples of this country, the correct pronunciation of our language would be regarded with the same importance as the English language surely??

    And, contrary to popular non-Maori excuses and beliefs – Maori words and names are NOT impossible to pronounce correctly; but one must obviously possess a genuine desire to do so otherwise one will be seen to be a wearer of the cloak of ignorance and arrogance.

    It never ceases to shock and amaze me how many of your presenters bastardise the pronunciation of Maori words and names.

    Whilst I enjoy the show very much it causes me nerve grating pain to hear Jason Gunn continually mispronounce Maori words and names with seeming little or no care for having done so. And the contestants who mispronounce a Maori word or name, they surely like the contestants who pronounce a English word or name incorrectly should not be entitled to that rich list, this is commonly known as double standards no.

    Let’s see The Rich List Producers commitment to getting this right – for all the culturally sensitive and respectful reasons NZ so freely speaks of (but alas, fails miserably on sometimes.)

    I would appreciate a response.

    Noho ora mai,

    Na Wiri Te Atu Lloyd

    P.S Jason could surely benefit from the abundance of personal development courses available in society today, hey heres an idea how about oferring him a Maori Language course he can attend.
    Also please forward this on to Jason.