Man's Work: Anti-Narcotics Police Force, Monday May 28

MAN’S WORK: Anti-Narcotics Police Force – Bogotá, Colombia
Monday 28 May at 10:00pm

Ashley Hames (Sin Cities) turns his hand to some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous jobs in a bid to transform himself from pampered layabout to real man! Does he have the guts and drive to carry out a REAL man’s work?

With so much action packed into one week it is a surprise that Ashley wants to leave Colombia. After meeting his mentor, Major Fernando Buuitrago, at Pihaos Jungle training school, Ashley goes on an all guns blazing series of intensive training, involving assault rifle and machine gun shooting. Before heading onto the notorious streets of Bogotá, Ashley’s nerve is tested as he has to abseil and jump into a lake from a helicopter instead of showering in the morning. The action hero type training sets Ashley up for an interesting week, during which he patrols the streets, is called to blowup a suspect package, and even arrest a cocaine dealer.
MAN’S WORK, Monday 28 May at 10:00pm, only on PRIME

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