Man's Work: Crime Scene Cleaner in San Francisco, Monday June 4

MAN’S WORK: Crime Scene Cleaner – San Francisco
Monday 4 June at 10:00pm

Ashley Hames (Sin Cities) continues his ‘tour of duty’, performing some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous jobs in a bid to transform himself from pampered layabout to real man. Does he have the guts and drive to carry out a REAL man’s work?

Crime Scene Cleaners, a San Francisco based company run by the love him or loathe him character of Neil Smithers, have turned horror into a 24 hour mass money making business. They serve the nation – law enforcement agencies, businesses and private individuals as they act as the grim reaper’s housekeepers. If we told you that Ashley’s mentor Neil’s motto is ‘pray for death’, you’ll have some idea of what to expect from this emotionally charged show as our man is pushed to the edge by some of the worst situations he’s ever likely to encounter. On arrival he’s instantly taken aback by Neil’s take on death – and as the show continues, Ashley tries to get to the heart of a man who it seems has none. With a final gruesome and affecting clean up on his hands, this really is one job that takes it toll.
MAN’S WORK, Monday 4 June at 10:00pm, only on PRIME

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