Man's Work - Fire-Fighter, Edmonton - Monday June 18

MAN’S WORK: Fire-Fighter, Edmonton
Monday 18 June at 10:00pm

Ashley Hames (Sin Cities) continues his ‘tour of duty’, performing some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous jobs in a bid to transform himself from pampered layabout to real man. Does he have the guts and drive to carry out a real man’s work?

After doing some of the most strenuous and hottest training in his life Ashley is allowed to join Platoon 1 of the Edmonton Fire Service. Along an emotional journey where Ashley and his mentor Todd become life-long friends, Ashley learns to abseil upside down and tackles blazing fires in burning houses at one of the best fire schools in the world. After a training regime that was so physically grueling it nearly broke him, Ashley joins the Platoon and is promptly turned into the butt of many practical jokes as he goes through rookie hell. By the end of the week Ashley has found out how tough these guys really are and what horrific encounters they have been through, which makes them all heroes in his eyes.

MAN’S WORK, Monday 18 June at 10:00pm on PRIME

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