Man's Work - Opal Miner, Lightening Ridge Australia - Monday June 11

MAN’S WORK: Opal Miner – Lightening Ridge, Australia
Monday 11 June at 10:00pm

Ashley Hames (Sin Cities) continues his ‘tour of duty’, performing some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous jobs in a bid to transform himself from pampered layabout to real man. Does he have the guts and drive to carry out a REAL man’s work?

Lightning Ridge, deep in the depths of Central Australia, is a place where you go to disappear. Hundreds of miles from anywhere, this is a town of drunks, drifters and fighters, where money comes second to the elusive and dangerous mistress that is the opal. With his charming hillbilly mentor Kim Botfield at his side, Ashley has set his sights on becoming rich the old fashioned way… work, work, blow something up, have a beer, followed by more work. With temperatures reaching 50°C on an almost daily basis, Ashley is pushed to his limits as he controls huge drilling rigs, works a massive jackhammer, and learns that out here, all the explosives experts smoke – apparently it aids concentration. Greg Dunn, the local bad boy lends a hand, however his seventeen year old girl friend Lana (New South Wales’ top female boxer) constantly questions Ashley’s right to call himself a man – an argument that unsurprisingly ends in a hastily arranged outback ring. With cinema not an option out here, Ash heads out with one of Kim’s best mates, the charmingly named Smut and his bulldog Fuckyou (what else) for an evening of pig hunting and beer drinking, before heading back for his last chance to find the very thing that drives the people here crazy… his very own opal.
MAN’S WORK, Monday 11 June at 10:00pm, only on PRIME

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  • darrly s

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