Mucking In: Sunday 6 May

Mucking In Sunday 6 May, 7pm

Kiwi favourite ‘Mucking In’ is back, rewarding people who do amazing things for their communities with a garden makeover (tonight at 7pm on TV ONE). Host Jim Mora and garden designer Tony Murrell travel throughout the country with the ‘Mucking In’ team to surprise this year’s 10 unsuspecting recipients.

Each ‘Mucking In’ recipient is chosen for their outstanding voluntary contributions to their local communities. The community gets together and works alongside the ‘Mucking In’ team to create a new garden.
Good samaritans can be surprised anywhere – at work, while they’re out having a coffee, at a scout jamboree, or in a courtroom! Mora and the ‘Mucking In’ crew turn up in some unexpected places and with some interesting results. Viewers also get to know the recipients a little better, visiting them at their luxury getaways to see what they’ve been up to, while the team is at work on their garden.

Mora says he is still amazed by the number of generous people they meet on ‘Mucking In’: “Once again, we discovered so many New Zealanders who were just as outstanding as in the past, which is saying something!”

This series every garden is completely different – Tony Murrell has designed 10 unique gardens to reflect the owners’ personalities and specific needs, with stunning results.

“The gardens look great, but most importantly, we made a whole new series of friendships in wonderful Kiwi communities. The people make this show, and they make us proud of it.”

As always, there’s something for everyone, from creative ideas and gardening tips to plenty of laughter and, of course, the tears.

Episode one sees Mora and the ‘Mucking In’ team create a garden from scratch for Mareta Timo of Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. Known to her community as their “Pasifika Florence Nightingale”, Mareta Timo is always quick with a smile and her own time and money for anyone who needs it. Her commitment to others is rare and outstanding and everything she does is from the heart.

A nurse by day, she works around the clock giving every moment of her time to helping others, including her husband who recently suffered a stroke that has left him unable to work or drive. The garden at their home is non-existent – mounds of earth covered in weeds, long grass, a half-finished deck, and not a plant in sight.

An incredible effort by the ‘Mucking In’ team and Mareta Timo’s supporters totally transforms the entire property into something nobody could believe possible in only two days.

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