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NATIVE AFFAIRS , Maori Televisions’s prime time current affairs show, dishes up debate, analysis, opinion and insight – getting to the core of the most challenging stories in Aotearoa today.

The hour long show airs Sunday nights at 8pm. NATIVE AFFAIRS is an edgy taste of Maori perspectives in current affairs and tackles the tough subjects as well as the moving.

This week,

· Veteran Maori broadcaster Derek Fox, Maori Party MP Dr. Pita Sharples and Hone Edwards, TVNZ’s former kaihautu (guardian) join us to talk about the comments TVNZ CEO, Rick Ellis, made to the Maori Affairs Select Committee

· We cross to Samoa following the death of Malietoa Tanumafili II and look at the issue of succession to the Malietoa title

· We remember the 29th Anniversary of the Bastion Point protest

· We remember our late Maori Queen Dame Te Atairangikaahu, as Tainui commemorated the 40th anniversary of her coronation

Fronting is Julian Wilcox, backed by a team of reporters including: Wena Harawira, Jodi Ihaka, Taiha Molyneux, Annabelle Lee-Harris, Semi Holland and Marisa Balle.

NATIVE AFFAIRS Executive Producer is Colin McRrae, Producer, Sharon Hawke along with Associate Producer Wena Harawira.

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About the author

  • bridget

    its the first ive heard of sep 1 being the last day of lodging a claim, ive been in aussie for 8 years and i wonder how much more of maori havent heard about this, very very dissapointed in the “supposed leaders” of this country

  • David Jackson

    Prostitution of power companies.  I see the add on TV where people each wear a sticker on their head saying how much they would save if ‘blah blah.’ Each time i see the add i think there should be another sticker above saying how much they would be saving if max Bradford and his cronies hadn’t sold off part of the companies.  All I see the likes of Key doing is selling out to line their own pockets. But this is a nation of fools who have a rude awaking to reality {payday} when i leave the country. Hones frown i have seen on Gods face concerning this people and their arrogance. I could say much about much in this country but “their a waste of time and energy.”   

    David Jackson Gisbourne