New Series on UKTV - The Kumars at no 42 Series 6, Starts Friday June 8

New Series: The Kumars at no 42 Series 6
UKTV – Fridays from 8th June, 8:30pm

The Kumars at No. 42 centers around a typical well-off Indian family living in Wembley, who have bulldozed their back garden and built a studio on the back of their house to indulge their spoilt, unmarried and still living-at-home son Sanjeev who fancies himself as a TV presenter.
Bringing friends round to your parent’s house is always a risky business – inviting celebrities is truly a gamble. Sanjeev usually ends up embarrassed and out of his depth, while his guests have a chance to talk about anything and everything, getting as involved as they like with the on-going domestic goings-on at No. 42.

Series 6 includes appearances from: Alice Cooper, Joanna Lumley, David Hasselhoff, Zoë Wanamaker, Elvis Costello and Ronnie Corbett.

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