Pop's Ultimate Star debuts tonight

Pop’s Ultimate Star starts tonight on TV2 at 7pm. While I’m personally a little skeptical about the new Touchdown reality show, we’ve been invited by TVNZ to watch the first show which will be filmed this afternoon at the Bruce Mason Centre (not the St. James like later shows will be). Will be back before the show airs to write up some thoughts.

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  • bobscoffee

    any reason as to why it will be filmed at the bruce mason centre and not st james?

  • ChchTVaddict

    Awesome Rachel! I’ve just done a post with my thoughts sd I’m a little skeptical about why the heck David Wikara Paul is in there – he is dfinitley in my bottom 2!

    The thing is all these guys should know what it takes to perform well so I think it’ll be interesting!

    Anyway have fun!

  • Anatol

    Rosita and Matt ruled supreme in their Idol quests and NEVER visited the bottom anything. Iether Matt or Rosita will take the top rise.
    Id rather have iether Nik, Camillia or Steve win since they came so close last time.
    Let the Show begin Ladys and Gents 🙂

  • Drowned_Jimmy

    yer i agree.. not that a great start!

  • bobscoffee

    only the first performance and there seems to be issues with sound? i don’t know if she was holding her microphone too far away from her mouth or what. until the end where you hear the audience applause you get the feeling she’s performing to herself

  • bobscoffee

    does anyone else find the judges sitting on a couch a little weird? much prefer them sitting at a table

  • Canabalistic Waffle

    The music is way too loud, and that Emily chick forgot the words, how does a Aussie runner up forget the words???

  • Drowned_Jimmy

    yep i think it looks strange too.. too copy cat of Rockstar??

  • bobscoffee

    the judges don’t really seem to have anything of substance to say. i don’t think they’re any better than the nz idol judges

  • Boo

    Sheesh it looks just like that Sing Like a Superstar show. Only it looks cheaper and the sound is bloody awful. Shouldn’t that chick from Outrageous Fortune be on it if she won Sing on TV3?

  • Rachel

    bobscoffee: there was a fire at the St. James and lots of things this week were rescheduled. The rest will be at the St. James as far as I’m aware.

  • bobscoffee

    what was the size of the audience at today’s show rachel? i find it frustrating that they show nothing of the audience, but then again maybe they don’t have any cameras set up to be focused on them or because of the change in venue…?

  • y

    What night is the show filmed on?

  • Rachel

    There were 8 cameras we could see, some of them at the back so I’m not sure why there haven’t been crowd shots. The entire bottom of the Bruce Mason was completely full (I think no-one was allowed up the top in the end), I was pretty surprised at the large crowd waiting at the start.

  • SniffNTheTearsAway

    Ive never known the likes. i dont know Kerri Harper from a bar of soap but shes doing really well! 😀