Real Crime: A Murder In The Family

Real Crime: A Murder In The Family
Wednesday 16 May, 9.30pm

British computer businessman Stephen Davis was working in the Philippines when he met Filipino bar girl Evelyn. The only son of Margaret Davis, Stephen became smitten with Evelyn and went on to marry and have two children with her.

One night, after reported problems with the marriage, three gunmen burst into the apartment and held him and his business partner Mike Dunn at gunpoint. They shot Steven, leaving police convinced it was a bungled robbery.

‘Real Crime: A Murder In The Family’ sees the quest Margaret Davis undertook to prove her daughter-in-law was responsible for her son’s death (tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE).

Margaret says when Mike called to tell her the news that Stephen was dead, she couldn’t believe it was true. “It was like I heard it but if I didn’t say it, it wasn’t true.”

Margaret was instinctively convinced Evelyn was behind the murder: “There was no evidence to link it to Evelyn, it was just pure suspicion and I said to Mike, has it got anything to do with Evelyn? It was a gut reaction.”

As soon as Margaret learnt of her son’s murder, she flew to the Philippines. Her daughter-in-law’s unusual behaviour prompted Margaret to become more suspicious and she started taking notes. Determined to prove Evelyn’s guilt, Margaret Davis started her own costly, private investigation to assist the police.

While Evelyn continues to claim innocence over the shooting, her lover and two accomplices were convicted for the crime. Evelyn has no witnesses to support her story and her family turned against her – they told police of her affair and admitted she had told them Stephen was a millionaire and she would get all his money when he was dead.

‘Real Crime: A Murder In The Family’ follows Margaret’s lengthy and expensive investigation, and her journey back to the Philippines to see Evelyn stand trial as instigator of the killing.

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