Shortland Street - Craig Parker (Guy Warner) Returns

Shortland Street Weeknights, 7.00pm

A face from the past returns to the screens of Shortland Street this week when Craig Parker makes an appearance as Guy Warner.

Craig Parker was last seen on Shortland Street in the role of Guy Warner in 1996, acting alongside onscreen brother and real life friend Michael Galvin, who plays hospital CEO Chris Warner. While Galvin is delighted to have his good mate acting alongside him again after an 11-year break, the feeling is not mutual for his onscreen alter-ego.
“Chris has mixed feelings,” says Galvin. “Guy and Chris have always had a love-hate relationship and, to be honest, Chris quite liked that fact that Guy had been in American while he was in New Zealand.”

Galvin attributes the feelings Chris holds for his brother to the competitive rivalry they have always shared and the nature of their family upbringing. With a very successful father, it was often a case of the sons vying for first place in their father’s eyes, a rivalry that has continued after their father’s death. “The upbringing they have had, where the family home wasn’t an overly happy one and the parenting was a little dysfunctional, has meant there are a lot of unresolved competitive issues between the two brothers in terms of the favouritism,” Galvins says. “Their parents often showed it to Chris and denied Guy, which created a tension and a rift that’s remained over the years.”

Whether Guy’s second stint in Ferndale will be for the better or worse remains to be seen, but Galvin does not think there is great reason to expect a sudden change in heart. “There is not a lot of reason for their relationship to be different, except for the whole thing of them having kids. It would be nice to think as they got older their relationship mellowed and I think both of them want that. But when they get together, they both regress and turn into those competitive teenagers who challenged for their parent’s affections.”

Viewers will be delighted to see Guy has brought his own child, Tuesday, back with him to New Zealand. Tuesday was only a baby back in 1996 but has developed into a mature teenager who travels by her father’s side everywhere he goes. Tuesday is played by young actress Olivia Tennant, a girl Galvin believes is a bright star of the future. “Olivia is terrific,” says Galvin. “It’s really quite stunning that someone as young as her is so professional and so skilful. I really hope, no matter what happens with the Guy storyline, they bring Tuesday back, because Olivia is a one of a kind talent.”

As for his old friend Craig Parker, Galvin is as equally complimentary. “It is fantastic to have Craig back. He had been here for about 10 minutes and it was like he had never left. We were just spending most of the time cracking up when we were supposed to be arguing and at each other’s throats. I’ve never laughed so much. It’s great to work with him, because he is an excellent actor and a hilarious person.”

Welcome back Guy and Tuesday on Shortland Street this week, weeknights at 7.00pm on TV2.

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