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Wedding bells are ringing once again on Shortland Street. This time they are for the previously unlucky-in-love, Sarah Potts, and her knight in shining armour, TK Samuels.

It’s wedding time on Shortland Street, as Doctor TK Samuels (Benjamin Mitchell) prepares to tie the knot with the love of his life, Doctor Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing). However, not everyone is happy about the impending union… especially Sarah’s former lover Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei). Sarah and Craig’s topsy-turvy relationship ended amicably, but it is apparent that the two still share passionate feelings for each other. In the grand tradition of Shortland Street weddings, nothing is certain until the couple say, “I do”!

Sarah may not have her feelings entirely in check, but devoted fiance TK is certain this is exactly what he wants. “This is TK’s day that he cements his relationship with the woman he loves,” says actor Benjamin Mitchell. “TK is the golden boy and things usually work out for him, but this time he is aware there will be uncertainty until the ring is on her finger.”

Sure to be weighing heavily at the back of TK’s mind will be Sarah’s last attempt at marriage to former Shortland Street CEO, Andrew Solomon (Paulo Rotondo). Andrew and Sarah’s wedding day ended in disaster when Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Robyn Stokes (Kirstie O’Sullivan) revealed she was pregnant with his twins. Despite Sarah’s many failed relationships, Mitchell is very philosophical about how his big day will pan out and strongly believes neither Andrew or Craig “Were the right one for Sarah; TK is the one”.

Potential hiccups aside, TK and Sarah have settled on a perfect setting for their special occasion – the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron at the Hobson West Marina in Auckland. The picturesque setting on the water’s edge is ideal, yet Mitchell believes his character would be happy to marry Sarah anywhere, as long as they are together in the company of friends and colleagues. “Getting the location was a nice collaboration with his mother Liz (Rima Te Wiata). But at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter where it was held. As long as he is with his girl, it could be in the rain under a tree, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing was that he had everyone coming.”

With the majority of the Shortland Street staff in attendance, TK and Sarah have the chance to bring their lives together. “Having his whanau there means a lot to TK but he loves his work mates, they are just as important. They’re his whanau now, too. He has taken them on board as family and it’s a good chance for him to bring their world and TK’s world together.”

Whether TK’s rival Craig will attend the ceremony remains to be seen, but Mitchell believes TK has no problems with him being there. “He was invited by Sarah, and he thinks it’s fair for Craig to attend the wedding. TK still has respect for Craig.” Will TK and Sarah take the final step into marriage? Or will the curse of Shortland Street wedding disasters see their dreams dashed at the altar?

Find out on Shortland Street, screening at 7.00pm, weeknights, on TV2.

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