The Truth About Food - The Final Episode

The Truth About Food Monday 21 May, 8.30pm

The final episode of ‘The Truth About Food’ looks at how to be the best (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE). Discover whether caffeine changes the brain chemistry, causing you to become dependent on it. And learn the answer to the contentious question – does caffeine make you perform better or worse?

The ‘How To Be The Best’ episode of ‘The Truth About Food’ also asks: Could the taste of sugar be enough to boost performance? Can eating oily fish really make you smarter? And are three meals or snacking throughout the day better for performance?
‘The Truth About Food’ also tests to see if vegetarians become stronger by eating meat by taking 11 female vegetarian amateur martial artists and asking six of them to start eating meat again, twice a day, for eight weeks. The other five were asked to eat vegetarian protein sources instead. Sports personality Colin Jackson also became a vegetarian for four weeks to see if there was any effect on his performance.

Tonight’s final of ‘The Truth About Food’ is the nutritional manual for everybody who wants the ‘edge’ – whether at work or at play.

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