UKTV - Hunting Chris Ryan: New Series

New Series: Hunting Chris Ryan
UKTV – Thursdays from 14th June, 8.30pm

When his mission went horribly wrong during the Gulf War in Iraq Chris Ryan was the only one to evade death or capture. His eight days on the run through 200 miles in Iraqi desert is the longest escape and evasion in SAS history.

Now he is putting himself to the test again, in a real action-adventure series. In three truly gruelling tests of physical and mental strength Chris is pitted against an international team of elite former Special Forces soldiers who will try and hunt him down in some of the most extreme environments on Earth – the jungles of Honduras, freezing Siberia and the desert of Botswana. Over the course of five days Chris is pushed to his absolute limits as he battles to reach the safety of a neutral country or rescue helicopter.
‘Gripping’ Sunday Mirror
Starring: Chris Ryan.

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