United Travel Getaway - Getaway Goes to the Movies, Tuesday May 29

Tuesday 29 May at 8:30pm

This week’s United Travel Getaway is a “Getaway Goes to the Movies” special. Local presenter Clarke Gayford is back in Hawaii – finding out all about Pearl Harbour, its place in history and what you’ll find there now. He also tries to work out just how much of the movie Pearl Harbour was actually filmed there.

Meanwhile, the Australian team check out the American Museum of Natural History in New York, which was the setting for the film Night at the Museum. The programme also features the Piz Gloria restaurant in Murren, Switzerland, which was made famous in a James Bond film; and the Florida town of Seaside which was the town of “Seahaven” in The Truman Show. Getaway Goes to the Movies also visits Fairmont Indiana, the home town of move legend James Dean, and finds out what is still there to remember him.
UNITED TRAVEL GETAWAY, Tuesday 29 May at 8:30pm

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