United Travel Getaway - Tequilas of Mexico, Tuesday June 5

Tuesday 5 June at 7:30pm

Local presenter Lance Hipkins goes on the Tequila trail in Mexico, in this week’s episode of United Travel Getaway. Tequila – home of the famous drink that bears its name – is a small town 56 kilometres North-west of Guadalajara. Lance visited workers on an agave farm – the raw material Tequila is made from – as well as checking out a distillery where tequila is made.

“It was really interesting to see the production process for such a legendary drink and right there in the home town of Tequila,” said Lance. “And I had to sample some of the product too – all in the name of research of course.” Lance and his crew were in Tequila at the time of the town’s birthday celebrations so they also got to experience fiesta time in Mexico.

This week’s episode of Getaway also features Mundaka in Spain, Logandale in the Nevada Desert near Las Vegas, the annual Highland Games at Ohau north of Queenstown; and Wood Island and Magnetic Island, both in Australia.
UNITED TRAVEL GETAWAY, Tuesday 5 June at 7:30pm

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