World Vision

I was just cooking dinner when on came a World Vision Ad! GRRRRR

“… waiting for someone like you……if you don’t help her/him nobody will….” GRRR

Now don’t get me wrong I know these kids need help. I like Judy Bailey I *really* do but come on!

There are thousands of kids in NZ tonight that could do with that same help – a hot meal, warm bed etc etc

Judy Bailey may be volunteering her time but any charity that can afford to pay primetime advertising rates SURELY would be better spending some (if not all) of that money on the kids they are trying to save?

They certainly won’t be getting my money….there are lots of other organisations out there doing the same thing without the relentless pity advertising (Save The Children for one)

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  • daniel

    what i want to know is how much world vision is actually spending on these prime time advertisments. and if 1/10 of newzealanders that saw the add donated the $40 per month how much profit they would recieve. so that it probally 350,000 new zealanders (taking away people that can not afford tvs and including the children) so about 1.4 mill is what they recieve. and world vision is one of the most common adds on tv.

    so i think that all these adds are actually wasting their money that could be spent on the little children they are trying to ‘save’

  • MrCynical

    Daniel, read the thread.

    If they DIDN’T advertise, they wouldnt be able to bring on new people and they wouldnt be able to help as many people