YAY Jordin.... and Idol Gives Back!

Her version of You’ll Never Walk Alone was out of this world and I actually liked everybody except Melinda and Lakeisha. I know that Melinda can sing (and surely she must by now) but I think its a bit unfair, as she is/was a backing singer and the others are all ameteurs! Having said that this is the top 6 and the reality is that they all could potentially do well out of this

a bit of a mixed bag for me, LOVED parts HATED parts

Having just written a blog on how much I hate the World Vision Ads here, I noted with interest that Idol didn’t choose World Vision as a charity…I rest my case. But this is a clear example of how I would prefer to give my money…..they showed the situations of people in a much more respectfull way…that made me want to give.

Carrie Underwood, can’t wait to download that
Ryan and Simon in Africa – Ryan with that little 12yr old boy – he is just so awesome with people. We also got to see another side of Simon and you could tell that they were both deeply affected by the situations they saw
The kids in the ads – just too darn cute! 🙂
Josh Groban – that song always brings me to tears
Celine and Elvis – Bizare but cool (made me think of Class of 58!)
Ben Stiller – LMAO
Jack Black – very funny
Ellen – I can’t help but like her
How nobody went home

The 2 group songs – TIME TO CARE & AMERICAN DREAM maybe because they were new (it sometimes takes me more then once to like something)
Earth Wind and Fire – the style of music didn’t go with anything else the entire night
IL DIVO – Boring
Annie Lennox Blah!
How poor Jordin thought she was going home!
The fact that we loose 2 next week….but my 2 to go would be Lakisha and Melinda. The judges like her but the last couple of weeks the comments from the judges have not been so glowing

BTW does the way Blake moves his mouth remind anyone else of Robin Williams??? LOL

Can’t wait to see the 20/20 interview with Dom and Ryan!!!!
Shorty special
Guy to make a re appearance on Shorty!

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