Bite Club: Buggin' With Rudd - Saturday 7 July



Ruud Kleinpaste’s passion for ecology started when he was a youngster. Born in Indonesia, Ruud moved to New Zealand in 1978 after studying silviculture, animal ecology and conservation at university in his native Holland. Since then, many New Zealanders have become familiar with Ruud’s work through his books, columns and his appearances on numerous radio and television show. Buggin’ With Ruud, is a dream come true for Ruud as he ventures to entertain and educate millions of viewers about bugs large and small. Tonight: Desert Survivors Ruud travels to Namibia, Africa to experience just how bugs cope in some of the toughest conditions on earth. This is a quest to find the ultimate desert survivor, and Ruud finds that survival in the Namib Desert, the hottest desert on the planet, is a true feat when there is nowhere to hide from the blistering heat. He scales dunes and trudges through an endless arid landscape to discover beetles that do handstands to harness the moisture from fog and bugs that swim beneath the sand to escape the sun.

BITE CLUB: BUGGIN’ WITH RUUD: Namibia: Desert Survivors, Saturday 7 July at 7.30pm

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