Charlotte's Lists: Rises and Falls

“Getting on this list is about as fun as a night out with Brian Tamaki”

10 Steven McIvor
Getting knocked out in two Fight for Life bouts.

9 Nick Eynon
Entered himself into Cleo Bachelor of the Year 7 times. Desperate to be famous. Asked a 14 year old to marry him. Now resides in Australia and changed his name to Nick Christian Piper.

8 TrueBliss
“What did we have? Dumb spice, fat spice..”

7 Ben Lummis, Rosita Vai and Matt Saunoa

Of Ben: “All that attention and you haven’t even made a record…rock stars and religion, don’t they go together like Suzanne Paul and Maori culture? Once the hype of Idol wore off, Ben’s career did too.”

They talk about the other Idol stars and say that Rosita toured the country (she did?) and Sony BMG kept her signed. They also said of Matt Saunoa: “His own album didn’t set the world on fire… he’s had a successful Idol single, people like that song so he probably thought he’d make his own album which he did and you’ll probably now find that album in the bargain bin at the Warehouse for $2.95. And now he’s packed up the family and moved to Aus and hopes to reignite his singing career. Why not? If you can’t make it in a country of 3 million people, why not go somewhere bigger and try and make it there?”

6 David Tua.

5 Jonah Lomu.

4 Simon Poleman.
Athlete who had medal chances but got caught importing drugs. Went to jail with a 5 year sentence but out on home detention now.

3 Brent Todd.
Former league star involved in drug scandal.

2 Rene Naufahu
Ex-Shortland Street star with a short fuse.

1 Suzanne Paul.
From infomercials to bankrupcy.

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