Crime Scene: Monday 25 June

Crime Scene
Monday 25 June, 8pm

In New Zealand, a car is stolen every 20 minutes, every 17 minutes there is a burglary and four sexual offences are committed every day.

Presented by Greg Boyed (‘Fair Go’), ‘Crime Scene’ is a 90-minute special on TV ONE, which brings the public to the crime scene to help police solve a mysterious homicide, a missing person investigation and a series of crimes committed in New Zealand over recent weeks and months (tonight at 8pm). ‘Crime Scene’ also investigates new initiatives to curb car theft, and a scrap metal crime wave that’s sweeping the country.
A nationwide ‘Crime Scene’ survey in TV Guide polled New Zealanders on their views on crime. The poll results will be broadcast on tonight’s ‘Crime Scene’, counting down the top 10 crimes that most concern New Zealanders and revealing which regions in the country are most at risk.

As 2007 has been marred by more crimes committed by offenders on parole, ‘Crime Scene’ features a studio debate on the parole system, bringing exponents and critics together for the first time on television.

While crime poses a threat to everyone, there are acts of extraordinary bravery committed by members of the public and the emergency services that save people from becoming victims. ‘Crime Scene’ tells the stories of a hero whose actions saved a young boy’s life.

Tonight, ‘Crime Scene’ will put the spotlight on crime and ask the New Zealand public for information via telephone, text and email. It will also look at the country’s ‘crime hotspots’, as well as provide useful information on keeping safe.

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