DOND - New Zealand vs Australia

The phonecall, the silhouette banker, the supporters at the side, the girls opening the cases are all featured in the US version (which the NZ version is based on), and I think using these works a lot better than copying the Australian show.

I thought this version was pretty good, a lot better than the Australian one. The music was way cooler, the graphics were flasher, the girls weren’t wearing tacky wigs so didn’t look like alien clones, and the viewers at home were given the chance to win money – not just a bunch of nervous people guessing on a podium.

The only thing I like better about the Australian version is that the contestants actually say “Deal” or “No Deal” when they have made their decision, rather than just shutting a lid.

Overall, I think the New Zealand version is better than the Australian one. Give it time to find it’s feet, the Aussie one has changed and improved a lot over the seasons as well.

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  • tvnewser

    I suppose having the girls opening the cases actually gives them more of a role on the show, we get to learn their names and they get profiles on the website.

    It may be stereotypical, but I think it gives them a lot more credit then just standing in the background and bringing out the giant cheque like in the Australian version.