Downsize Me! - SERIES FINAL - Tuesday June 19



This duo are striving to lose the kilos before they lose each other

Tuesday, June 19th at 7:30pm

Father and daughter duo Erin and Malcolm are both in serious need of downsizing, in the series final of Downsize Me! Screening Tuesday, June 19th at 7:30pm.

Twenty-year-old Erin gobbles down around 20 takeaway meals a week on top of truckloads of donuts and sugary drinks. While 52-year-old Dad Malcolm is the mad butcher of the family cramming in as much barbecued greasy meat as he can fit on the grill.

All this high fat food is making them both moody and miserable!

Personal trainers and diet plans at just 12 years old didn’t keep the kilos off Erin, especially once she discovered the tuck shop.

Now a normal day begins at the drive-through with an egg and bacon muffin, followed by the donut shop for afternoon tea, and more takeaway trash for lunch and dinner.

Malcolm’s main objective is to help his daughter to downsize, but after years spent skipping meals and topping up with 12 cups of coffee a day, then gorging down greasy grub for dinner, he’s in for a killer surprise when he meets nutrition magician Damian Kristof.

In only eight weeks, can Damian bring this Dad back from the brink of death, and stop Erin from heading down the same path? And how will Lee-Anne cope with training a cardiovascular time-bomb?

Don’t miss this truly heart-warming episode as this father and daughter strive to lose the kilos before they lose each other, on the series final of Downsize Me! Screening Tuesday, June 19th at 7:30pm.

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  • hehawhaw

    Leanne is such an awful, condescending rude b–h, how do you motivate people by calling them Idiots and Pathetic?, she thinks she is so perfect but she isn’t, she is annoying and has a carrot stuck firmly up her ass and it was amazing to her tell others that they whined too much…haha what a joke, get over yourself Leanne and lose your fat ass.

    Also, they make it seem like sugar is a product of satan, but everything in moderation, to cut something out completely is just wrong and how come we never got to see what the “perfect” presenters would eat or drink?.

  • Roger

    I have to agree.. If I could only choose one word to describe her, it would be condecending.