Episode 2 Recap - Alex Masame

Episode 02
Screened 13-Jun-2007

This week’s contestant is Alex Masame – a larger than life character who works for SkyCity Casino as a Pit Supervisor. The 37 year old, father of two wants to take his family on a New Zealand odyssey from Stewart Island upwards, then perhaps a trip to Disneyland too.

Alex’s supporters are; his little sister with the big voice – Isobel, his brother Psalms and his cousin Loonga.

Alex bursts onto the stage with a huge amount of energy and excitement. As a casino supervisor he’s familiar with people gambling with big money but this time he’s “on the other side of the fence” and he’s ready to take a chance. Alex picks number 17. His reason: it was calling to him.

Alex has an up and down time with the six case round. He knocks out 4 low numbers but crucially takes out the $20,000 and the $50,000. Two out of the top five, Jeremy tells him. Nothing keeps Alex down for very long though and he continues to charm the audience and the Deal or No Deal models. He tells them, “all the sisters have got mean looking smiles. I love it!” The phone rings with the first offer from the banker. Alex asks him “to show me some love baby”. Jeremy reports the banker is scared of his positiveness. The offer is $3,800. It doesn’t take Alex long to decide: no deal.

Alex has a great five case round. Although he knocks out some numbers on the right side of the board he keeps “the big dog” in play, meaning the $200,000 and his backup the $100,000. The banker’s offer is $4,800. He is decisive and shuts the lid with the support of his family on the couch. With four cases to open this round Alex has a sensational run. He takes out the $50, $200, $150 and the $2,000. He is in a strong position going into the banker’s offer. There is no doubt the banker is scared now. The offer has doubled to $9,600. Jeremy doesn’t even get to ask the question “deal or no deal” before Alex slams down the lid. Three cases to open and Alex has another great round. He goes into the banker’s offer with the $200,000, $100,000 and the Suzuki SX4 still in play. “We have a blinder,” says Jeremy as they wait for the phone to ring. And the offers keep climbing – $13,200. Alex stops to think this time, he knows this will make a big change to his life, help pay bills, help out his family. But Alex is a gambler: no deal. The crowd are now chanting Alex’s name. Two cases and two more low numbers: $10 and $2. Alex, his supporters and the crowd erupt. The banker must be sweating as the call comes in. He makes no secret of it. He wants Alex out of the game and offers $24,000. “That’s one year’s mortgage payments,” Alex tells Jeremy. But Alex isn’t done. He’s got only 1 case to open next round and he knows he’s in a strong position. He goes no deal. This is the most important case in the game so far. He picks case 4 and his winning streak takes a blow – the car goes. But with the big two still in play the banker makes a stunning offer: $46,000. It’s a heart stopping few minutes as Alex decides but in the end it’s no deal.

Alex must now open 1 case. Jeremy exhorts him to “break the banker’s back.” He picks case 7. A real blow as the $100,000 goes. The game has gone from good to amazing to downright scary. But the banker needs to get rid of Alex now. He offers him $50,000. Psalm’s, Alex’s brother offers the advice “If you pick the $200,000 now it’s going to be a quiet ride home.” Alex hesitates but it’s his sister telling him to think of his wife and children that finally decides him. He takes the money. Alex walks away with an amazing amount but did he make a great deal? The Banker bought Alex’s case – Case 17, for $50,000. The amount inside the case? $200,000!!! Despite that, Alex is a very happy man.

* This episode featured Paul Holmes’ daughter, Millie Holmes, as the model holding case number 4.

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