Extraordinary Kiwis: DJ Jay Jay Feeney



This documentary series celebrates a unique mix of not only household names, but those New Zealanders who live interesting lives. Tonight we profile Auckland DJ Jay Jay Feeney, a household name for many radio listeners but few have seen her away from the studio. Cameras follow Jay-Jay as she starts her day at the ungodly hour of 4.00am. On the agenda this day is a stunt pulled on the owner of her station, The Edge, CanWest’s Brent Impey and a toe-sucking contest which takes a most unexpected twist. Jay-Jay lives up to her radio persona and provides a rare glimpse of life behind the microphone.
EXTRAORDINARY KIWIS: Jay-Jay Feeney, Saturday 30 June at 7:00pm

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About the author

  • Rikki

    Will have to remember to watch that!

  • Finally Free

    Is she extraordinary because her last name is Feeney, similar to Mr Feeny from Boy Meets World?

  • K. Smith

    “Few have seen her away from the studio”. I presume Treasure Island and Charlotte’s List is exempt?

  • Hi

    good. I hope she can finally answer the question that bugs everyone: “why do The Edge play the same song 4times a day”

  • tvnewser_signedout

    I think “few” is an appropriate description for the amount of people who would have seen her on Treasure Island lol.