Extraordinary Kiwis: Niki Seager



This documentary series celebrates a unique mix of not only household names, but those New Zealanders who live interesting lives. Tonight we profile Senior Sergeant Niki Seager who is stationed in Henderson, West Auckland. For three days over Easter, cameras follow Niki as police prepare for a drink-drive blitz, and problems with Good Friday trading. Senior Sergeants normally spend most of their time in the station monitoring police activity out in the field. However, Niki likes to get out and about and keep in touch with what’s happening on the front line, and how her team is performing. She has a reputation within the police hierarchy for improving morale and performance within the sections she leads. The cameras catch Niki dealing with a high-speed chase with the offender fleeing the scene.

EXTRAORDINARY KIWIS: Niki Seager, Saturday June 23 at 7:00pm

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