Eye To Eye: Saturday 7 July

Eye To Eye Saturday 7 July, 9am

This week ‘Eye to Eye’ with Willie Jackson celebrates a milestone in Maori broadcasting when it puts its 100th episode to air (today at 9am on TV ONE). The first episode went to air on July 29, 2004 and debated whether the Maori Party had enough popularity to get into parliament.

Since then ‘Eye to Eye’, the debating show that pits Maori vs Pakeha and occasionally Maori vs Maori, has been a catalyst for strong opinion. That strong opinion has been raised in programmes debating issues such as the Civil Union Bill, Maori land, Tikanga, gangs and the recent Anti-Smacking legislation.
The 100th episode will depart from its usual format and programming. It will be an hour long and panellists who have featured in programmes over the years will be grilled about their opinions then – and now, in the wake of recent events.

And, as usual, it won’t be short of controversy.

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