Goodness, second post in a row about TV. Look who’s between jobs.
Paris Hilton – NY doyenne famous for supposedly not much, famously blacklisted by the Chief Editor at Reuters, and amateur porn queen.
And I really feel sorry for her.
Last night, MTV screened the MTV Movie Awards 2007, where Paris sat in the audience, butt to numerous jokes about her pending jail sentence for what is really just a minor infarction of probation. The incident reminded me a little of when former National leader Don Brash sat in the audience of the Vodafone NZ Music Awards in 2005 and received endless harrassment from the celebrity hosts, much to the pleasure of Labourites in the audience, including PM Helen Clark and MP Judith Tizard (I saw their texts). At the time, I too relished the ridicule, as it was pretty obvious even pre-Brethrengate that Brash was a dodgy, corrupt little individual.
However, I felt sorry for Paris last night. The camera flashed to her face as a wry smile somewhere between an image and tears twitched through glamourous make-up, and continued to do so as the ridicule poured in.
Is she being made an example of for teenage and stupid fans? Probably. But this was just cruel.
I was once on the anti-Paris bandwagon – what exactly did she do? And why should we care about someone rich beyond belief? When I received an advance copy of her album last year to review, I relished the opportunity to dismantle the pure pop inside.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that her big bucks had managed to produce at least six of the sexiest, funniest, most inane and uplifting pop that I had heard in a long time.
Nobody believed me, however much I raved. Let’s face it: she’s better than Avril Lavigne.
Later, I caught an early episode of ‘The Simple Life’, where Paris and the other slut stayed home and secretly transformed a young boy’s room into a racing car or rocket-ship or somesuch. It was an engaging and extremely human act and absorbing piece of television.
People say she’s a victim of her own wealth, and I have to agree. I for one applaud her composure at the MTV Awards; and I think there were about ten too many cheap shots against her that night.
Funny how we all crucify what we’d be hard-pressed to refuse becoming…

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