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Okay, I hope I never get stuck in that section of the studio again!!! 🙁 Do you know how HARD it is to get involved in a show when everyone around you is sitting like pieces of cardboard?! :p It’s like, what the heck did you come to a live TV show for if you weren’t going to get involved? It’s not like a concert when you can just sit back and listen to the songs … you actually have to participate!

Anyway, rant about that over … the rest of the audience tonight was fabulous, especially the three rows in front of the stage, led mainly by Rosita and a group of about ten of her mates 🙂 They were SO brilliant at getting into the song and encouraging the singers!

Totally LOVED Ben opening the show too with “Faith” – and so did 80% of the audience!!! You could SO tell it was a “Ben” crowd – they were giving him so much encouragement from the first note, and you could tell he was feeding off that too 🙂 It was definitely, for me, my high spot of the night!

None of the other performers really stood out for me tonight … admittedly Emily had some good vocals, but what was with the styling?! That dress was totally distracting from what she was there for 🙁
Side note on the topic of styling … before the show, Kim and Harry walked past and into the studio and I said to my friend ‘there’s two of the judges’ and she takes a look and goes, ‘ew at that dress!’ At that I cracked up and said “ssh, she’s actually the stylist!!!” LOL

Felt really, really sorry for Nik … and Steve … tonight 🙁 I didn’t notice it as much in the other songs, but SOMEbody in the band was WAAAAAAAAY off beat and so totally ruined both their efforts, in my opinion anyway. You could tell it was messing with their minds too 🙁

Oh, and as soon as Dom announced that Matt was singing Kiss from a Rose, I knew he was on a hiding to nothing! 🙁 I mean, that was Ben’s “signature” song from Idol – how is anyone ever going to compare to what he did back then?! Matt tried, but he really didn’t come close to Ben’s version 😉 (and it’s not just cause I’m biased either :p )

I slept through David’s song!

And I didn’t really think Camellia’s song was all that marvellous either 🙁 To me, she hasn’t really hit the standard that she was at when she was on Idol – her voice was brilliant back then, and I just don’t know what’s missing now 🙁

EXTREMELY disappointed with the publics’ bottom two as well this week!!! Why oh why isn’t David and Matt there??!!! You could even tell in their group song with Steve and Camellia – the latter two were SO carrying that performance, and yet, they’re the two who are going to be eliminated this week! 🙁 It’s just not fair!!!

Other points to note from the evening that didn’t involve what happened on stage 😉 were some of the questions Phil Vaughan, our official audience warmer-upperer, took from mostly kids in the audience 😉
Most of them would keep asking the contestant who was waiting on stage in the ad break who their favourite or least favourite person in the competition was, or who their favourite or least favourite judge was … like duh! As if they’re going to say LOL
Oh, and after David’s little clip thing before his song showed, one lady in the audience put up her hand and said she “wouldn’t mind being David’s nana!”
‘Who’s your nana’ was the catch-cry after that!
Oh, and disturbing moment of the night … well, one of them anyway … PU saying Matt looked handsome!! (what the heck?!)

A bit disappointed with the experience tonight, but I think that was mainly cause I felt so depressed by all the cardboard cut-outs around me … maybe I’ll see if I can ask to sit with some more enthusiastic people next week! LOL

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  • Rachel

    Totally agree with the bottom 2 comments!! And ew at PU saying Matt looked handsome.

    Sorry it wasn’t such a great show last night… but the show just seems to be going more and more downhill.

  • kiwijem

    … and it’s really quite sad cause you can tell that most of the performers are putting so much effort into their songs each week, and it just seems like they are getting shafted 🙁

    Oh, and I also felt really stink after the show 🙁 We were walking out and Matt’s wife and son were standing just outside the doors, and as the doors opened he walked towards them and I could see exactly what was going to happen! He got his fingers caught in the electric sliding glass doors and of course the doors stayed open cause people were walking through, and so he got his little fingers jammed 🙁
    I feel really, really bad cause I could have stopped him from getting hurt but I didn’t act fast enough *cries*

  • Katie

    Did anyone else see Kim dancing like she was at a rave during Kiss from a Rose?

    THAT has to say something……….

  • kiwijem

    I was unsighted, sorry 🙁 but it doesn’t surprise me … the judges tend to “rave” at the oddest times! And the sad thing is they probably think they look really cool, getting into the music, but it just looks lame cause they’re supposed to be professionals! And anyway, how on earth to do dance to a song like Kiss from a Rose anyway?!! It’s hardly a dance track :p

  • Rikki

    Good to see Ben with a more up-beat song. Loved all the performance’s he’s given so far – but needed a change of pace to show what else he could do! Fantastic job of ‘Faith’! He never fails to give excellent performances. Never lets himself or his fans down.

    Finally Emily is showing us what she can do! Did well last week, but this week, she really impressed me. Her and Ben will be rivals for the top place here I can see – or should be! Definately the best male and female singers!

    My next favourite is Joe. She’s always different and makes me laugh, great performances and fantastic personality. Laughed at her at the studio in the film-clip.

    Nik was really bad and definately the worst – could well be in the bottom 3 again next week and may be the one to go. Very lucky not to be there this week I’d think!

    Steve always entertains me and I enjoy watching him, even if his singing lets him down. He seems to know that too! But still like him. May be unlucky enough to go though this week. Stupid comment from a judge about avoiding songs with falsettos – when the judges are the ones giving them the songs!

    David really boring, not his fault he got that song, nothing much more he could do with it I guess. Maybe the judges wanted to show everyone that he doesn’t really deserve to be there.

    Guess Camellia did OK with her song, but kept thinking of Kali, and enjoyed her more!

    What on earth were the judges doing giving Matt the song that so became Ben’s during Idol! Ben made it his own, with fantastic performances of it. Matt gave very sorry version, sounded sad! And what’s with this ‘good-‘looking’ the judges keep saying about him!

    Definately liked the top 4 group song better. they all worked well together. Did they get told how to sing it or did they work they style out for themselves I wonder. Camellia seemed like she wanted to take over her group and stood out too much.