List of New Zealand TV Shows

Are we missing a show? Please let us know!

10 Reasons
100 Hours
12 Bar Rhythm and Shoes
14 Days on Trial
25 Years
3 News
3.45 Live
5.30 with Jude
60 Minutes
7 Days
A Bit After Ten
A Country Touch
A Haunting We Will Go
A Taste of New Zealand
A Week of It
AA Torque
Aaron Slight
Action Replay
Added This Week
Adventures of Massey Ferguson
African Journey
After 2
After School
Against the Odds
All For One
Animal House
Animal Show
Animation Station
Ansett Time of Your Life
April’s Angels
Are We There Yet?
ASB Business
Asia Down Under
Ask Your Aunty
Atlantis High
Auction House
Away Laughing
Back of the Y
Beauty and the Beast
Being Eve
Best in Show
Betty’s Bunch
Bidi Bidi
Big 6
Billy T James Show
Bitter Calm
Blind Date
Border Patrol
Bounty Hunters
Brian Edwards Show
Bungay On Crime
Button On Button Off
Buzz & Poppy
Campbell Live
Carters DIY Dads
Cash Battle
Celebrity Squares
Charlotte’s Lists
Chic Chat
Children of Fire Mountain
Children of the Dog Star
City Beat
City Celebrity, Country Nobody
City Life
Clash of the Codes
Close to Home
Close Up
Colin McCahon – I AM
Colonnial House
Common Law
Count Homogenised
Country Calendar
Country Fare
Country GP
Cover Story
Crime Scene
Cuckoo Land
Dancing with the Stars
Dare to Win
Deal or No Deal
Deepwater Black
Deepwater Haven
Dig This
DIY Dads
DIY Fantasies
DIY Rescue
Doves of War
Downsize Me!
Dragons’ Den
Eat Yourself Whole
Eating Media Lunch
Edge Chart
Eye to Eye
Face the Music
Face to Face with Kim Hill
Fair Go
Fight for Life
Fighting Fat
Finding J. Smith
Freaky Dramas
Fresh and Fancy Fare
Friday Night
Frontier Of Dreams
Fun Factory
Game of Two Halves
Garage Sale
Garden Wars
Get Real
Ghost Hunt
Give It a Whirl
Gliding on
Going Straight
Golden Opportunity
Gone Fishin’
Good Morning
Grand Champion Olympic Challenge
Ground Zero
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Happen Inn
Hard Out
Have a Shot
Havoc & Newsboy’s Sellout Tour
Havoc Luxury Suites & Conference Facility
Havoc Presents Quality Time
Heart of the High Country
Here to Stay
Holly’s Heroes
Homeward Bound
Hot Property
How Clean Is Your House?
How Normal Are You?
How’s life?
Hudson and Halls
Hunter’s Gold
Husband Hunt
Hyundai Sports Tonight
Hyundai Sportscafe
I Like That One, Two
Ice As
in beTWEEN
In Focus
In the Deep End
Insert Video Here
Inside New Zealand
Insider’s Guide To Happiness
Insider’s Guide To Love
Intellectual Property
Internet Island
Intrepid Journeys
It’s Academic
It’s in the Bag
Jackson’s Wharf
Jandals Away
Jane and the Dragon
Jaquie Brown Diaries
Jean Batten Balley
Karaoke High
Killian Curse
Kiwi Kitchen
Kiwi Video Show
Kiwis At War
Krypton Factor
Last Man Standing
Laugh Inz
Learner Drivers
Let’s Get Inventin’
Letter to Blanchy
Little Angels
Living the Dream
Maddigan’s Quest
Maggie’s Garden Show
Mai Time
Making Italy Home
Manu Rere
Marc & Matthew’s Rocky Road
Market Forces
Marlin Bay
Masterchef New Zealand
Mattherw & Marc’s Rocky Road…
McDonald’s Young Entertainers
McPhail and Gadsby
Medical File
Meet the Locals
Melody Rules
Mercy Peak
Middlemore Hospital
Mike King Tonight
Mirror, Mirror
Miss Popularity
Missing Pieces
Mitre 10 DIY Rescue
Mitre 10 Dream Home
Mitre 10 Jack of All Trades
Mitre 10 Mega: The Fence
Money Man
Moon TV
Mortimer’s Patch
Motorway Patrol
Mountain Dew On The Edge
Mucking In
My House, My Castle
N to Z
Neighbours At War
New Faces
New Zealand Idol
New Zealand Surf League
New Zealand’s Brainiest Kid
New Zealand’s Funniest Home Videos
New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker
New Zealand’s Next Top Model
New Zealand’s Top 100 History Makers
New Zealand’s Worst Driver
Nice One
No 8 Wired
No Opportunity Wasted
No8 Wired
NZ House and Garden
NZ Idol
NZI Crimescene
Oddfellows Comedy Gala
Off the Radar
On Our Own
On the Mat
One Man’s Poison
ONE News
One West Waikiki
Ookie Spookie
Open Door
Opportunity Knocks
Orange Roughies
Out of the Frying Pan
Out of the Question
Outdoors with Geoff
Outrageous Fortune
P.A. for the day
Parent Time
Park Rangers
Party Animals
Peppermint Twist
Personality Squares
PET Detectives
Piha Rescue
Plain Taste
Play School
Police College
Police Stop
Police Ten-7
Pop! Goes The Weasel
Pop’s Ultimate Star
Praise Be
Press for Service
Prime Presents
Public Eye
Pulp Comedy
Pulp Sport
Queer Nation
Radar’s Patch
Radio Times
Radio Wave
Radio with Pictures
Raider of the South Seas
Raise My Kids
Ready Steady Cook
Redemption Hill
Relevations – The Initial Journey
Remarkable Vets
Riding High
Romper Room
Rookie Vets
RTR Countdown
Rude Awakenings
Rugged Gold
Rural Delivery
Sale of the Century
Saturday Disney
SCU: Serious Crash Unit
Sea Urchins
Search and Rescue
Secret Agent Men
Secret New Zealand
Select Live
Sensing Murder
Serial Killers
Serious Crash Unit
Seven Periods With Mr. Gormsby
Share the Dream
Shark in the Park
Shock Treatment
Short Sports
Shortland Street
Sing Like a Superstar
So You Think You Can Dance?
So You Think You’re Funny?
So You Wanna Be a Popstar?
Some of my best friends
Son of a Gunn
Sound Lab
Space Knights
Sparkle Friends
Special Features
Special Investigators
Spin Doctors
Sports Café
Spot On
Star Runner
Star Turn
Star Zone
Stars on Sunday
Steel Riders
Sticky TV
Street Legal
Strip Search
Studio 2
Studio One
Super Sellers
Suzy’s World
Tagata Pasifika
Tales of the South Seas
Te Kaea
Te Karere
Telly Laughs
Ten Out of Ten
Ten Years Younger
Terry Teo
Test the nation
Text KnockOut
That Comedy Show
That’s Country
That’s Life
The Amazing Extraordinary Friends
The Apprentice New Zealand
The Big Chair
The Billy T. James Show
The Boost Mobile Holla Hour
The Bounty Hunters
The Boy From Andromeda
The Bugs Bunny Show
The Cartoon Company
The Chair
The Cherry Ball
The Chosen
The Crowd Goes Wild
The Cult
The Dog Show
The Dress Up Box
The Drum
The Early Bird Show
The Edge
The Erin Simpson Show
The Fat Chance
The Fence
The Filth Files
The Footy Show
The Games Affair
The Go Show
The Governor
The Great Kiwi Video Show
The Great New Zealand Spelling Bee
The Happy Medium With Colin Fry
The Haunting of Barney Palmer
The Hothouse
The Insiders Guide to Happiness
The Insiders Guide to Love
The ITM Fishing Show
The Kids from OWL
The Kitchen Job
The Legend of William Tell
The Legends of Maui
The Life & Times of Te Tutu
The Lion Man
The Living Room
The Lost Children
The Machine
The Magic Box
The Mainland Touch
The Market
The Mating Game
The Mo Show
The Mole
The Money Game
The New Adventures of Black Beauty
The New Tomorrow
The New Zealand Wars
The Night Sky
The Official New Zealand Top 40
The OUTHouse
The Outlook
The Panel
The Perfect Age
The Possum Hunter
The Powers of Matthew Star
The Profiles
The Quiet Earth
The Real Hustle NZ
The Resort
The Rich List
The School of Home Truths
The Simon Eliot Show
The Singing Bee
The Son of a Gunn Show
The Sports Hour
The Steelmill
The Strip
The Summit
The Tem Show
The Third Eye
The Tribe
The Ugly
The Unauthorised History of New Zealand
The Weakest Link
The Zoo
These New Zealanders
This is Your Life
This Space
Ticket to the Tribes
Tiger Country
Tiki Tiki
To Catch a Thief
Toa A Aotearoa
Today Live
Top 10
Top Half
Top of the Class
Top of the Pops
Top Town
Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
Topp Twins
Touch Act
Town and Around
Toyota Grassroots Rugby
Trading Places
Treasure Hunt
Treasure Island
Trent’s Wildcat Adventures
True Life Stories
Tuesday True Stories
Two on One
Typhon’s People
U Choose 40
Ultimate Garden
Unauthorised History of New Zealand
Under the Mountain
University Challenge
Video Dispatch
Video Hits
Vodafone Select
Waka Huia
Wanda’s Way
Watch This Space
Wayne Anderson – Singer of Songs
What Now?
What’s Really in Our Food?
What’s Your Verdict?
Wheel of Fortune
White Trash To Rock Gods
Whose House Is It Anyway?
Wild Track
Will the Real Mr Claus Please Stand Up
Williams Upfront
Willy Nilly
With a Bucket on your Head
Woolly Farm
Woolly Manor
Woolly Valley
Xena: Warrior Princess
You & Me
You be the Judge
You Can Read

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Co-founder of Throng. Favourite TV shows recently: Homeland and The Newsroom.
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  • tiph

    what was the name of that show where a woman who owns a strip club?

  • tiph

    never mind just found the name of that show!!

  • Katherin

    Was trying to find the name of a tv show 70’s – early 80’s about brother and sister with these stones trying to keep away from the bad guys can’t remember the name of it thought you might know has been driving me nuts for months can’t think of where to look.
    Thanks if you could help would be great.

  • sidi

    12-bar Rhythm and Shoes
    Beauties and the Beast
    The Mainland Touch
    Today Tonight
    Peppermint Twist
    Heart of the High Country
    The Kids from OWL
    It’s Academic
    Stars on Sunday

  • tvnewser


  • Julia

    The Powers of Matthew Star

  • Julia

    Also Supergran

  • Roxy metaler

    What did you guys think about the tv 2 nz show called Redemption Hill that was about 10 kiwi kids going into naipia prssion to change their ways before they really losse controolll and end up spending their life in prisson.
    people teel me what ya thought about the show please

  • spidah

    Awesome list, must have take ages to compile.

    Here are a few omissions I have noticed.

    60s music shows:
    Happen Inn
    A Country Touch

    60s/70s Kids Shows:
    Woolly Manor
    Woolly Farm
    Ookie Spookie

    Pukemanu (Drama)
    Personality Squares (Game Show)
    Opportunity Knocks (Talent Show)
    The Life & Times of Te Tutu (Pio Terei comedy)
    Mastermind (Game Show)
    Button On Button Off (60s kid’s club show)
    New Faces (Early 70s talent show)
    Studio One (I think that is the correct title – early 70s songwriting contest)
    The Night Sky (Think that is the correct title – 60s/70s astronomy show hosted by Peter Reid)

    There was also a gardnening show that screened in the 70’s that I can’t readily see on your list. It was originally hosted by a guy named Reg Chibnall who died about 1975. It was then taken over by Eion Scarrow.

    Also you have McDonald’s Young Entertainers & Space twice.

  • ants

    there are 2 music shows you have missed from the late 80s:
    * Soundz – which was fronted by Pauline Gillespie
    * CV – which was fronted by Larnie Gifford and Robbie Rakete (before he went on to Pepsi RTR Countdown taking over Pauline Gillespie)

  • tvnewser

    Wasn’t there a show called The Great Kiwi Video Show?

  • Wingles

    Dare to Win can be added to the list now 🙂

  • John Hickman

    I think The Dog Show should be included.

    What other country in the world would hold a tv program shifting sheep into pens (dog trials) on prime time tv!!

    Also i am trying to discover the name of a kids tv series i am sure was a NZ production from early maybe mid 80s based around a boy finding a piece of an alien ship or something simialr in a nearby creek.

    Frosty memory as i was only little.

  • shakeynz

    hmmm. two come to mind at the moment.
    Chatterbox (Annie, Piripi and Thingee… and Molly haha)
    Bounty Hunters (one of the great underrated kiwi reality tv shows

  • Fozzy Bear

    That was Children of the Dog Star, John.
    I remember that one too. Very cool.
    Three kids found bits of an alien spacecraft / communication device and put it together in a cave.

    Notice how many are cool 80’s programmes and how many are new “reality” crap?

  • clinton

    yes is that the one where there was these creatures that had tunels under the ocean in the auckland harbour….if it is i am wondering what that one is called too

  • Fozzy Bear

    That was “Under the Mountain” – now available on DVD!

  • markh

    What was the name of the 2001 reality show that followed a bunch of backpackers taking a bus tour (Kiwi Experience?) around New Zealand?

  • Jason

    There was a gardening show called “Dig This” fronted by Eion Scarrow

  • Jason

    There is also Face to Face with Kim Hill

  • Ben

    I think it was Beauty and the Beast,
    Someone wrote in and said “I got a job in the massage industry and now I get horny”
    One of the Beauty’s said “I love chocolate but I would not sit down and eat a 100 pounds of it”

    I am sure there was also a musical show late 1960’s called swingin’ safari The opening theme was the swingin’ safari tune

    And Auckland had “top half” while other citys had programs like “The Mainland Touch” (either Christchurch or Dunedin) &
    “Today Tonight”

  • adrian woodliffe

    also The Night Sky hosted by Peter Reid

    and what was the name of the 60s garden show that was hosted by a Scot (Fleming i think his name was)

  • katipai

    woolly valley … with tussock
    the dog show … is that out on dvd yet?
    Shazam … music show
    Ready to Roll … before it was RTR
    Money or the Bag … “what’s it going to be Taihape? The Money or The Bag?” Was that Selwyn Toogood?

  • bevan

    did u find the answer to that question about Count Homogenized?

  • Debs

    Did you know you can view many of these programmes and more at ? NZ On Screen also has many NZ films, short film and documentaries to view alongside profiles of the people who made the programmes happen- check it out!

  • Kevin

    I am looking for a cartoon dvd i watched in New Zealand 3 years ago. It was a satire type cartoon like South Park but it had a New Zealand spin on it. Do you recall such a show ? Can someone email me with the name please.

  • ell

    Bro’town is probably what you are after Kevin

  • aaron_impact

    I watched a NZ 60 minutes segment in the mid 90’s about the making of a NZ animated cartoon.

    It was about these surfer characters living on an island.

    The island was in the shape of a “hang loose” hand sign.

    Many well known NZ actors were going to supply their voices including former basketball coach John Dybvig.

    Whatever became of it?

  • Kelly

    What about that advice panel show from about ten years ago? It had Charlotte Dawson, Julia Hartley Moore and a couple of others. How’s Life? That’s Life? Something like that…

  • Curtis

    Heya, just looking for this old tv show I used to watch, I remember it was like the best. can’t remember the name, but it was these two almost stuffed toy penguins who lived in a wooden tree trunk or something, anyone remember/know it?


  • Rickus

    Does anyone remember “Peppermint twist”? It’s from the early 90’s/ late 80’s and was a t.v. program based in the 60’s rock n’ roll era. From memory it was very colourful but kinda silly.

    And “With a bucket on your head”. Also from the early 90’s. Weired variety game show.

  • aaronimpact

    Peppermint Twist was a NZ version of Happy Days.

    Comedianne Mark Wright played the Fonzi character.

  • Dean Mardon

    You can add That’s Country which was hosted by Ray Columbus. Around 1980. Ran for 3 years.

  • Antz

    Don’t forget to includes:

    1. Count Homogenised
    2. Beauty and the Beast (Hosted by Sewlwyn Toogood)
    3. Shazam!

  • Antz

    Don’t forget ‘The Dog Show’ either!

  • jaydend

    Activate, the cooking, fitness and game show!

  • jaydend


  • regan

    Any more that are missing?

  • adam brookfield

    The Kids From O.W.L.



  • csndfge

    Your missing Radi Radi Rah

  • Colonel Masters


    – Open House (drama series with troubled youth in a halfway type house from memory)

    – Stars in Their Eyes

    – Bugs Bunny Cartoon Show (with Fenella Bathfield, mmmm)

    – Our World (usually overseas nature documentaries but introduced by Gael Ludlow)

    – Foreign Correspondent

    And Close Up as it is today should be distinguished from the original Close Up in the 80s which was much more like 60 Minutes and did proper investigative journalism.

  • Colonel Masters

    Ooops, just saw you had The Bugs Bunny Show under “T”.

  • Colonel Masters

    Credit Card (gameshow hosted by Bob Parker)

  • Supergran was scottish. The theme song was sung by Billy Connolly

  • Angus McFangus

    That’s a pretty fucking good list, bro.

  • RogerG

    Hi Rachel,
    Good effort, although there are a few missing quizz shows…there are two I hosted back in the 80’s, one being Stumpers (ex Auckland) and then Credit Card (filmed in Dunedin).
    Then perhaps the ‘other’ regional shows like Today Tonight, Mainland Touch and 7.30 South.
    Roger Gascoigne

    • Citizen Cane

      I remember Credit Card with it’s grey and neon pink signage.

  • ross leonard sayer

    Love to see the whole history of All New Zealand Television Series. I Know of a few of them.

  • Citizen Cane

    Radia wha waho was a really bad sitcom that starred Hori Apihene

  • Carol_56

    “The Gravy” ?? Definitely deserves to be there

  • Ness a

    Does anyone remember the show on NZ TV in the late 80’s/90’s, had the peppermint twist and I think was set in the 60’s diner. Similar to grease I think ,not happy days. I was only young when it was on but can’t think what the name of it is.

  • Xyphir Ooi

    Awesome list.
    I am trying to remember a TV series made for kids which screened in the 80’s or early 90’s. It definitely wasn’t on when I was at high school which was 1995. It is a science fiction tv series where some kids from ‘today’ end up in the future where people are able to move things psychically – but when they use their psychic powers a blue (or red if they’re bad) beam zaps out of their heads. The future is all about living harmonously with nature so there’s lots of shots of walking around the bushes etc. I’m really sorry I can’t be more specific, but I barely remember the series and definitely can’t remember the name. I was totally into it, though, and would like to rewatch or find some more information some 20-something years on! Any help appreciated.