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Apparently when you have a blog and you haven’t blogged for ages you’re meant to start off your next blog with something insincere like “oh, I must be the worst blogger in the world.” God, imagine if you were the worst blogger in the world. What kind of person would that make you? The saddest of the sad, is my guess.

I’m only writing this blog now because Hayden begged me to. He’s kinda cute when he begs and I like begging in a man. Also he agreed that we could do this thing I’ve been trying to get him to do for ages, but only if I write my blog first. (Heh heh, is he in for a surprise later tonight.)

Anyway, Hayden says that if I get my frustrations out through the page then I’m an easier person to deal with in real life. What a load of crap. Hell, I’d have to write about a million blogs to get out all the frustration I’m feeling right now.

Loretta has updated her blog, so you can read up and maybe get the know on what’s happened in “Cheryl’s House of Happiness” while the show has been in production.

Click here to see her full blog post.

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