Paul Holmes' daughter arrested on drug charges (UPDATED)

Sunday 17th June 2007

The daughter of one of the country’s most well known broadcasters has been arrested on drugs charges.

19-year-old Millie Holmes was adopted by Paul Holmes when he married former children’s TV presenter Hine Elder.

She recently appeared as one of the models in the TV3 show, Deal or No Deal, but left the show under a cloud.

It is understood Holmes is in the police cells at Auckland central police station.

She was arrested earlier today at an address in Grey Lynn on four charges including possession of a pipe and possession of methamphetamine.

3 News approached Paul Holmes but he refused to comment on the matter.

3 News understands his daughter will be held in custody until she appears in the Auckland District Court tomorrow.

Monday 18th June 2007

Millie Holmes, the adopted daughter of TV personality Paul Holmes, is out of the cells tonight and free on bail.

She faces a number of serious charges including methamphetamine possession.

Millie Holmes left court accompanied by her father Paul after appearing on a total of nine charges dating back to early may.

She was listed in court documents under her mother Hine’s maiden name, Elder.

There are two charges of possession of methamphetamine or P, possession of a P-pipe, a bong and a cannabis plant, permitting her Grey Lynn flat to be used for drug offences and receiving stolen clothing worth $15,000, and a stolen plasma TV worth $18,000.

Police believe the stolen goods came from Smith and Caughey.

Paul Holmes made a brief statement outside court saying that his daughter is sick and that she has a big hill to climb.

The 19-year-old model was arrested at her Grey Lynn flat on Sunday and spent the night in the cells at Auckland police station.

Today when she appeared before a judge police did not oppose bail.

The judge suppressed her bail conditions and said he could not understand the level of interest in the case.

He said apart from the charges relating to receiving stolen goods the others seemed routine but he supposed it was her connection to someone else in the community.

He ordered her to reappear in court next month.


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About the author

  • Rachel


  • Lucas73

    19 years old? Really? I remember when Holmes and her mum first hooked up. I doesn’t seem that long ago. Time flies when you’re doin’ drugs I guess. Her, not me.

  • Lucas73

    Why is this filed under ‘Deal or No Deal’? I that some sort of drug joke.

  • Rachel

    “She recently appeared as one of the models in the TV3 show, Deal or No Deal, but left the show under a cloud.” Was she in the first show??

  • JessieP

    New Zealands answer to Paris Hilton!!

  • Tui


  • Andy

    anyone got any pics of her lately? she is one hot girl1!!

  • Deal or No Deal

    She was in last weeks show with Alex Masame, she is also case number 4 in the Lucky Case game. She isn’t featured in any other shows (with the exception of the Lucky Case game).

  • tvnewser

    3 News said that Deal or No Deal had problems with her on set, and that she took time off sick, and also refused to come into work when they needed her on the weekend.

  • MrCynical

    What was pathetic was that THIS was first on the news on tv3!

    How is a shitty old newsreaders’ unknown daughter being a crack-whore more important than the increasingly tense relationships that we are forming with Fiji?

  • tvnewser

    Well it was an “Exclusive” story.

  • MrCynical

    Bit crapping deal! Does it affect our economy? Our holiday plans? Our friends and families? The crisis in fiji not only affects the freedom of every person on that island but every single on of us due to our close ties with the country.

    Uprisings and dictatorships seem commonplace and mundane when happening thousands of miles away in countries we can barely pronounce and know nothing of…when it is right on our doorstep it is another thing entirely.

    It is pure unadulterated tabloid sensationalism, no better than Womans Weekly, having a reporter standing outside the police station going “buggered if i know what is going on, but here is a good guess” did not lend it ANY credibility.

    It only affects paul holmes and his family, what the hell is up with TV3’s priorities. I used to prefer it over tvnz considerably until now.

  • tvnewser

    A lot of the news doesn’t affect us personally, but it is still interesting to us.

    I know the Fiji thing is a big deal and all, but both myself and everyone in my house seemed a lot more interested in the Millie Holmes story than the Fiji story.

    It seemed to be a bit of a slow news day today, so they have to show stories that capture the viewers interest.

  • bobscoffee

    i agree with mr cynical. if it is a slow news day in new zealand, find some news from overseas to report on. the world is a big enough place to find some more serious news than this.

    i suspect if news stories such as this interests you and your family more, then maybe the e! channel would be more your thing.

  • campgrrls

    I was hardly a slow news day with all that’s going on in the Middle East, Fiji, and there were some NZ stories of more significance than the Holmes one – TV One reported on various of this stuff. I had TV 3 on mute when they did their over view of news stories to come in their bulliten last night. It looked to me like a lot of their stories were entertainment, tabloid based. I stuck with wacthing TV One news on my other telly – much more substantial news stories on One.

  • Richard Principal


  • MrCynical

    Not everyone’s household is full of shallow, vapid people. Nor should the news encourage people to become like that with irresponsible reporting.

    Sure human interest and celebrity news is interesting, that is not the issue. The issue was the it was BREAKING NEWS! First thing, who cares about an international breakdown of relations when someone we never heard of related to someone we have heard of gets in trouble

  • Grinch

    Someone should compile the stories TV3 and TV One cover and look at how much trash or “human interest” is in there.

    Not impressed with TV3’s gutter stories lately.

  • MelanieG

    Don’t just blame TV3. It’s on the front page of the NZ Herald, TVNZ, and is the *most viewed* story on Stuff today.

  • Rohan

    What’s even more telling is today’s Top 10 on Stuff:

    1. Paul Holmes’ daughter faces drug charges
    2. Lohan gets revenge on former bodyguard
    3. Swim star flattered to pose naked for Playboy
    4. Jessica Alba a fan of one-night stands
    5. Olympic swimmer suffers electric shock at pool show
    6. Worker who took NZQA computers quits
    7. New laws to help those crippled with debt
    8. Rescue after cruel night at sea
    9. Vodafone ‘might try to block SIM competition’
    10. Geri wants dress back for Spice Girls’ reunion

    What is the world coming to?

  • Nelly

    And what’s even funnier is you’re contributing to making this story more and more popular on Throng. Heh.

  • Dave

    My daughter told me when we saw it that she also did some rather riskay stuff in the toilet of aotea square, and is known to have a bit of a “rep”

  • Sally

    From what I know it’s going to be on tv one as well tonight, don’t hate on tv3 for breaking the story.

  • DanielM

    It was on One News’ 11am bulliten, but it wasn’t the first freakin story

  • SniffNTheTearsAway

    I hope she gets put in the Slammer! no need for that crap on New Zealands streets. I thought only Gangs did this stuff…

  • Emma

    You thought only gangs did that kinda stuff? Naiive.

    I’m 20 and i’ve seen people from all socio-econmic groups, cultures etc do drugs. Taking an E today is so common it means nothing for people to drop one every weekend, P isn’t so common but people do do it and they’re not gangsters or bogans from west auckland, these are people at uni who are succesful and smart. I think the public of New Zealand are so misinformed about drugs and youth today, its wide wide spread and the majority of users are white girls from suburbs like Epsom, Remuera.

  • tvnewser

    It is all well and true saying that events such as the wars in the Middle East and the political crisis in Fiji are more important, and I agree. However, in today’s society it is stories about Paris Hilton and Millie Holmes that people find just as – if not more – interesting.

    Our TV news sometimes reflects this with it’s reporting, and the actual statistics of what stories people are reading on news websites only back this up.

  • campgrrls

    tvnewser, this is just a sign of how poor the mainstream news in the western world has become – pandering to those sort of popular interests rather than educating people about the issues that have the most significant effect on people’s daily lives, socially, politically and economically.

    The news media should leave the Paris Hilton, spoilt rich kids playing to media attention to the entertainment, gossip media. They shouldn’t need to chase ratings by pandering to such popular interests.

    Myself, I have no interest in Hilton, or Holmes daughter, and I don’t click on those stories. I will choose to watch the TV news that doesn’t show those stories: eg Al Jazeera and DW.

  • tvnewser

    The news media are there as a service to inform the public, on both issues of importance and on things we are interested in learning about.

    I am split in two on this, while I agree with you that more focus should be on critical issues that affect our lives, I also think that the news services have a duty to show us WHAT we want to learn about.

    I think that in terms of stories, television news SHOULD chase ratings, as this only means that they are telling the stories that MORE people want to hear about.