Pitch a Shortland Street storyline!

What storylines do you want to see on Shortland Street? Pitch your ideas here!

My input: I think Libby is becoming redundant as a character. While she is comic relief, I think Fleur Saville is wasted by not having a dramatic storyline.

I would LOVE to see Libby embroiled in an affair with an older man. Maybe Chris, but preferably Callum. Although I think Callum might get a run in the light of the impending Toni / Chris crisis, I think Libby could make a really surprising twist. As funny as Libby is, her character is predictable. Maybe a Callum-Chris love triangle?

I’d also love to see Alice dump Craig for Jay. I actually see this happening, for some reason. Especially as Jay is about due for a storyline as well.

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