Political Bias on TVNZ

My friend thinks Breakfast host Paul Henry is sexy. Astounds me, but each to their own.

What I find most unattractive about him is his blatant political bias. Our own political leanings aside – that’s a dangerous and endless topic and perhaps anyone posting to this could please agree not to start a slag-off fest about political parties which will get us nowhere – my question is: is it right that Mr Henry, ex-National Party member, so blatantly airs his usually right-wing opinions without an opposite balance on air?

For the record, I’m not currently sure of who I’d vote for. But the blatant politicking of Mr Henry, I begin to wonder why there isn’t an equal representation of other viewpoints – i.e. extreme left opinions. It’s something I often find frustrating – the airwaves are full of media icons who love National, but not Labour (and each opinion deserves equal airing).

Perhaps if I had someone to agree with, I would overlook Henry’s constant blatant and unelaborated attacks on officials, Councils and Governments if there was someone balancing him with the opposite viewpoint (often he just makes jibes without explanation), and the not the lovely mumsy Kaye Gregory. Is Gregory better suited to Breakfast than him – should Mr Henry perhaps keep his overt political opinions to his Radio Live slot until such a time as TV One gives the audience a balanced opinion (for once)? Or should Gregory make way for an opinionated woman prepared to give it right back with an opposite viewpoint?

Or should they both just smile and look pretty in the morning and talk about Dunedin’s snow?

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  • Roberto

    Paul Henry? Sexy? Why, because he’s a squinty gimp who trashes everything and mispronounces a word as simple as “Arse?” But come on, Paul needs to stop being a dick, and start doing his damn job as a journalist and TV Presenter.

  • cm

    Paul Henry sits there making a big deal about showers and light bulbs when there is a bigger issue here that he is missing, as he cant go without his aristocratic luxuries. He is embarrassing as a journalist with his boring bias that is pummeled into our ear drums day in day out. Why is he still there??? h yes because the whole media is bias, and its controlled by America!! It was embarrassing how blatant the edits were on the debate highlights which clearly John Key lost. Paul Henry is a disgrace and anyone he is for I am certainly not!! Sexy- yeah maybe if he was the last man on earth

  • sambo

    The man drives an aston martin and is shagging Don Brash’s ex. One doesn’t have to wonder where is political leanings lie and that is without even knowing his own background in politics. Why anyone watches him and his equally privileged prematurely middle aged co-host is beyond me. I prefer to listen to real people like Marcus Lush (go Bluff!) and Mikey Havoc in the mornings on the radio that watch the pompous right wingers on Breakfast or the fluff on 3. By and large though three’s presenters are much more real and don’t try to speak with plums in their mouths (come on! we are Kiwis! Just admit it and get on with it!). Samantha Hayes – now there is a presenter that is real, is funky, is young and isn’t trying to pretend otherwise.