Prime Presents: Five Disasters Waiting To Happen

PRIME PRESENTS: Five Disasters Waiting To Happen


After the Asian tsunami and hurricane Katrina, scientists are beginning to look seriously at those areas of the planet most under threat from climate change catastrophe. From lethal floods and storms in coastal cities, to disappearing permafrost, unusual heat waves and rising sea levels, urban dwellers and remote communities alike feel they are becoming ever more vulnerable to violent natural disasters. Cutting through the complex causal theories and predictions, this programme asks where will the next tragedy strike, and what can we do about it? Global disaster reduction experts have identified the top five places that could become victims of climate change:

Shanghai is a delta city in danger of sinking under rising sea levels. Another major city most likely to be effected by sea level rise is London. Particularly vulnerable are London’s sewerage systems and estuary developments. Unprecedented and fatal heatwaves across France, intensified by forest fires across Europe, pose a real threat to Paris. Monumental landscaping and coordinated emergency action is needed to protect this huge capital. The Pacific island nation of Tuvalu faces complete destruction from rising sea levels and intense storms. Is the complete evacuation and resettlement of an entire country the only solution left? Catastrophic monsoon floods could theoretically wipe out vast areas of the region in Mumbai. The only hope is to undertake the re-planting of massive mangrove swamps destroyed by urban sprawl. This programme offers some answers but also asks some disturbing questions about whether the world is prepared for the worst-case climate change scenario.

PRIME PRESENTS: Five Disasters Waiting To Happen, Sunday 1 July at 8:30pm

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