Shortland Street: Nurse Tess Adamson (Anite Torrence) joins Shortland Street

Shortland Street Weeknights, 7.00pm

Shortland Street sees the arrival of another gorgeous nurse this week.

Tess Adamson (Anita Torrence) is an experienced nurse who has been appointed as the new Primary Care Clinic (PCC) Manager and, right from the get-go, it appears she is ready to get the hearts of the Shortland Street men racing!
Attractive and confident, Tess has moved to Ferndale with her 17-year-old son, Nate (Damien Harrison), and it is a sure bet she will catch the eye of more than one hospital staffer. Actress Anita Torrence says now is as good a time as ever for her character to find love.

“She is definitely ready to find love,” says Torrence. “She has been off the market for so long, looking after her son, but now that her son is old enough she can start going out and having some fun again. She wants to find new friends, a new boyfriend.” However, Torrence believes her characters over-flirtatious nature could end up getting her in trouble.

“Tess is a friendly person and I think that is sometimes mistaken for a lot more than friendship. Maybe she might come across as too happy or a bit flirty. She gets along with guys quite well because she has brought up her son and she is used to moving with that.”

“Tess is very devoted to her son and has been looking after him, on her own, from the time he was 10,” Torrence continues. “She is extremely immersed in Nate’s life and they have a very strong relationship. But she has recently had a new lease on life and wants to start getting out there and dating again. Now Nate is old enough, she is trying to be a little bit more energetic with her social activities.”

Off-screen, Anita is an established Australian actress who has moved to New Zealand to take on the role of Tess. Despite her acting experience, she believes Shortland Street is definitely a learning experience in itself. “Shortland Street has been an absolute whirlwind so far,” says Torrence. “It is very, very fast, but at the same time it is a wonderful challenge. I am learning something every day. Everyone on Shortland Street is really wonderful, the cast and crew are so welcoming and supportive which is great. It’s also nice to have some fellow Australians here too, Renato [Bartolomei] and Peter [Mochrie] have been fantastic!”

Meet Tess Adamson, this week on Shortland Street, weeknights at 7.00pm on TV2

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