Shortland Street - Rachel McKenna (Anglea Bloomfield) Returns

Shortland Street Weeknights, 7.00pm

This week on New Zealand’s favourite drama, a familiar face returns as Angela Bloomfield reprises her role of popular character Rachel McKenna.

The staff at Shortland Street are left reeling by the return of Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield) – none more so than her old flame, hospital CEO Chris Warner (Michael Galvin). Fans of the show will remember that Rachel left the street almost five years ago. However, when Angela reprised the role of Rachel, she was far from unfamiliar with the current cast and crew of Shortland Street, having directed the show for the last four years.
Bloomfield admits that jumping back on the other side of the camera lens was still a nerve-wracking experience. “I haven’t been in front of the camera on this set for such a long time that it felt weird,” says Bloomfield. “The actors were actually all very supportive, but I felt like I had to know my lines and not screw up, because there was one sense of what I desire as an actor and then what I desire as a director from actors.” Helping make the transition a whole lot easier for Bloomfield was having long-time colleague and friend, Michael Galvin, by her side throughout the process.

“Acting with Michael was the easiest part of the job,” Angela says. “Before I left we acted so much together that we acquired a rapport. Over the last four years we have become better friends and shared the same journeys with marriage and children. It was Michael that made the whole thing possible in a way. Whenever I was on set with anyone else I was nervous, but when I was with him, I felt relaxed.”

An important part of reprising the role of Rachel McKenna was making sure there was continuity with Rachel being the same character viewers remember from four years ago. However, Bloomfield believes her character has definitely changed in some aspects. “I don’t think Rachel is completely the same Rachel. She’s all about work now, any time they discuss her personal life she brings it back to how it supports her work agenda. Her fiancé is just as work-focused as she is and as long as she has enough money to wear the right clothes and not have to worry about money, she is happy.”

As for what viewers can expect this time round from Rachel in her visit to Ferndale, Bloomfield feels it’s pretty much a case of the ‘same old’. “Story-wise, Rachel is there to put the cat among the pigeons. I think that will always be her role. I think, for her personally, she wants to sort out how she is feeling about this old flame (Chris) and the love she may still have for him.”

Catch up with Rachel McKenna on Shortland Street this week, weeknights at 7.00pm on TV2.

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