Sunday: Sunday 24 June

Sunday 24 June, 7.30pm

Don’t miss SUNDAY – award-winning current affairs programme – with some of New Zealand’s best reporters: Cameron Bennett, Janet McIntyre, John Hudson, Mark Crysell, Jackie Maher and Ian Sinclair.

On this week’s programme:
Folole’s Struggle: Folole Muliaga died after her power was cut off, but more than two weeks after her death there are still many unanswered questions. What really happened? Who is to blame? Sunday went looking for the answers and what we discovered you’ll be hearing for the first time. John Hudson investigates.

Shocking Behaviour: It’s a school that deals exclusively with special needs children, the profoundly disabled who are a danger to themselves and to others. How the teachers correct bad behaviour is a shocking eye opener, but the parents and some of the students say it has changed lives. An ABC Primetime report.

Master Photographer: For forty years New Zealand photographer Frank Habicht captured the images of the rich and the famous but his work went largely unnoticed, until now. There have been overseas exhibitions of his photographs, and an artistic collaboration between Frank and his filmmaker son Florian on a soon-to-be published book celebrating his career. Ian Sinclair has the story.

SUNDAY – Where there’s a story, we’ll find it.

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