TV2: Saturday 7 July - Friday 13 July

Saturday 07 July – Friday 13 July 2007

This week on TV2

Starting from Sunday July 1, Pop’s Ultimate Star has a new twist thrown in that will make it bigger and better than before – someone will be eliminated at the end of the show!!

Tonight’s elimination show (June 27) – where Camillia and Nik sing-off in front of the judges – is the last of the Wednesday night shows. Things are shaking up! It is half-way in the competition and the elimination show is now going to be part of Sunday’s event This will add to the excitement as viewers get a result at the end of the night, rather than hanging out for a few days.
After tonight’s final elimination show, only six contestants remain, and then after Sunday’s show – we will be down to five. Who is your favourite? And who gets your vote as Pop’s Ultimate Star? Tune in Sundays on TV2 from 7.00pm.

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