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Russell Brown has an interesting blog item today about TVNZ’s deals and possible deals with major website providers. These include google in conjunction with youtube or a regional version of it, Stuff, NZ Herald, and Apple itunes video store. Brown said the following:,

Googlin’ on Hobson Street | Jun 06, 2007 09:29

TVNZ is in the final stages of negotiation with Google on what would seem to be an alliance involving YouTube. A Star Times story (no longer available, or at least searchable) hinted that TVNZ was looking to support a regional version of YouTube, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that.

TVNZ has also, of course, spoken to Apple about the iTunes Video Store, but New Zealand isn’t going to be a high rollout priority for Apple – look how long it took it took us to get music downloads. A deal with Joost will likely happen first.

In the meantime, TVNZ has bumped out TV3 as the news video provider for Fairfax’s Stuff websites. Or not. Actually, it seems that TV3’s supply to Stuff was only ever a trial and it hasn’t supplied clips for seven months.

But TVNZ is definitely supplying news and other video, from July 1. So how will that work on the revenue side? Flash files with embedded ads?

The broadcaster also talked to APN about the same sort of deal for the Herald site – assuming that’s no longer operative, it would be interesting to know how the decision was made.

There’s more about this and TV3’s online endeavours at the above URL.

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