Archive Footage and TVNZ

There’s certainly a lot that could be done with the thousands of hours of New Zealand culture treasures that are in the TVNZ archive.

And we have been looking very closely at the possibility of launching a Kiwi Classic Channel.

However, rights legislation can make it very hard to use material due to the enormous costs, and at times impossible with older footage to track down and make a deal with the rights holders or their descendants.

I am sure a solution will be found one day, because I can’t imagine that anyone could possibly benefit from material sitting in a archive without much usage – so maybe one day there will indeed be a Kiwi Classics channel.

In the meantime, our soon to launch Family service will have a daily slot dedicated to Classic Kiwi TV which we have manager to clear.

I’ve been reading the ‘TVNZ’ Launch Pad , the blog of Eric Kearley who is the Head of TVNZ’s Digital Channel Launch Team. He has recently written about how archive footage may one day make a channel, and how it will have a slot in ‘Family’ on TVNZ 6.

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Kyle Wadsworth

Kyle Wadsworth is a trained multimedia journalist with a passion for film and television - notably Westside and Outrageous Fortune! Also known as TuiKiwi (the name of which has also featured on Outrageous Fortune as a guest-starring beer brand).
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  • Tui

    I think it’s great that some old footage is finally seeing a little daylight 🙂

  • DaMo

    I must have missed this post, but I got told the same thing from the former Minister of Broadcasting Steve Maharey when I sent an email to him around maybe a year or so back.

    NZ TV does need classic content from the TVNZ Archive available to air (either on Freeview or regular TVNZ channels) and with the rights holders and other personnel to be consulted it can be a very hard task, according to Eric, (as posted above) and the former Minister of Broadcasting when I emailed him.

    However, I must say though I am quite pleased that TVNZ has finally been able to utilize a little of the Archive’s content, as is the case with both the Goodnight Kiwi on Freeview’s TVNZ 6, as well as the recent DVD release of Under The Mountain from 1981.

    Kudos to TVNZ for that.

  • nanisnap

    I know, why don’t they just release more DVDs? Or put more stuff on TVNZondemand?

  • Adrian

    I have had a a quick look through TV On Demand and there is surprisingly little there. Why not put on all those early interviews from the 60s and 70s with various famous personages who visited New Zealand. The 1972 interview with Leonard Bernstein comes to mind. What is all this palaver about copyright anyway? Surely TVNZ owns it already. Or are the people at TV ON Demand and TVNZ just lazy?